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3-1/2 and Engaged

Posted on: September 3, 2012

So you’ve read that and thought perhaps this was a crazy parent who promised her child for future wedlock.

While I have teased my girls that there would be no dating, and between all of our friends, we should be able to find a suitable husband for them, I had no hand in this “engagement.”

Earlier this year, Bebs joined Boo at her school.

After one of those first days at school, she came home to announce that she was in love and was going to marry a boy in her class.

Now at this time, she wasn’t quite 3.

She’d known this little boy for a couple of years, as his older sister and Boo were in the same class.

Bebs would get very excited when she knew she’d see him.

We’d post a picture of Luke, but Bebs doesn’t want anyone to get any crazy ideas and try to steal her man. 😉

Talk about a school girl crush!

One day in the car, we were listening to a song called “Eroteftika,” by popular Greek singer, Elli Kokkinou.

Boo looked over at Bebs, and proclaimed, “Eroteftika means ‘I fell in love!’”

To which, Bebs promptly responded, “Ego eroteftika me to Louka!” (I fell in love with Luke!)

So there you have it.

They’d play together at school sometimes.

Occasionally, Luke and his sister would come to our house to play.

Talk about excitement.

This summer, we arranged a play date, after a monthlong separation.

Bebs waited at the door for her beloved to arrive.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

They got out of the car and she began to literally jump for joy.

“He’s here! Here’s here!! YAY! He’s here! You know, I’m going to marry him!”

I asked her when.

She said, “When I’m a bride.”

He walked in the door, and she blushed like I’ve never seen before.

They hugged each other.

It was a nice play date.

When they were leaving, Bebs reminded me that Luke was her intended.

I asked Luke if he was going to marry Bebs and he smiled.

He’s 4.

I think we have some time yet before we have to plan the wedding.

At least we know he comes from a good family.

Luke’s mom and I joke and call each other “Simbethera,” which is Greek for in-law.

Yesterday we saw them at a party, and there was great anticipation in the air.

He came in, she hugged him, and then he bee-lined to the bathroom.

She waited outside the door.

I asked if Luke had arrived.

Bebs replied, “I love Luke! He’s in the potty right now.”

The pair was indeed happy to see each other again.

As they went off to play, another guest asked us about this impending wedding.

“What are you offering for a prika? (dowry)” she inquired.

Gosh, I hadn’t thought about that. It is 2012, you know.

Luke’s mom overheard and said, through a chuckle, “Oh yeah, how about that dowry?”

Wow. What would we offer?

Quickly, I told them what I had jokingly told my husband’s cousin in Greece, when he asked about my own dowry.

I said, “How about some olive trees and a couple of goats?”

The woman who asked said, “What do you think is the going rate for a goat in Greece these days? A few thousand euro a piece?”

I had no idea.

She brokered the deal, and there you have it.

The kids are officially engaged, to wed at some (very) distant date in the future.

(Hold on, I can’t stop laughing)

We asked Boo what she thought of all this.

She was thrilled, since Luke’s sister is her good friend.

I asked her if she had fallen in love yet, and she responded as usual, but with a new caveat:

“I’m too young to fall in love. But when I get married, it will be with a REAL prince.”

(Pause for more laughter)

So there you have it.

I guess one arranged marriage down, one more to go.

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