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Recently, Boo explained to me how the world was created.

Interesting insight from the five year-old.

Check it out:

Boo: Mom, do you know how the world was created?

Mom: Tell me.

Boo: There was a very special girl in Heaven. Her name was Mary. God decided that she was special enough to be the mother of His son. So they got married.

Mom: They got married?

Boo: Let me finish! So they got married, and then the angel came to tell Mary she’d have a baby boy and she was supposed to name him Jesus.

Mom: Gabriel?

Boo: Good, Mommy. Soon after, Mary gave birth to Jesus, and she became Panayia (most holy), because she was the Queen of Heaven. Panayia was going to have the baby soon, so Joseph took her to his hometown so he could take care of her.

Mom: Why would Joseph take her? You said she was married to God. Wasn’t she married to Joseph?

Boo: Mom, you’ve mixed it up. Panayia was married to God. They had a baby together, so they were married.  But God traveled a lot for work, so their good friend Joseph helped them out, so Jesus would have someone to help him while God was away at work.

Mom: Interesting. So what happened to Joseph?

Boo: Joseph was their best friend, and like a good uncle, he taught Jesus many lessons.  When he got too old, he went to Heaven. Then when Jesus was big enough, God sent him some notes.

Mom: What kind of notes?

Boo: He sent notes on how to create things. First was the note about people. – how to make a man. And then God sent another note, on how to create girls. Another note showed Christouli (Jesus) how to create the trees, flowers, the animals, and everything on earth. Jesus was a good student.

Mom: And then what happened?

Boo: Jesus became the king, and he watches over us and takes care of us. We love him and we pray to him and he is part of our family too. We can’t live without Jesus. He even created bad people so we learn some lessons too. We have to be good, so we can go to His house in Heaven someday.

Mom: And God?

Boo: He’s in Heaven. He doesn’t work anymore. He’s retired.

So there you have it, the story of how the world was created.

The world according to Boo.

Fascinating how the minds of children work…


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