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Bebs turned 3 more than a month ago, and boy, she’s really giving us a run for the money.

I remember vaguely that Boo had some issues too when she first turned 3.

After a couple of months, she just kinda mellowed out.

I recall asking her teacher about it.

I said something like, “I thought 2s were supposed to be terrible. They haven’t seen 3s!”

She agreed. She did have some advice. But I can’t remember.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the brain cells I lost during chemo.

Or the lingering mommy brain, that I’m told you never quite recover from.

It’s Selective Memory.

I believe that when it comes to our kids, God gives us selective memory, so we forget a lot of the bad stuff.

If we remembered all that awful stuff, we probably wouldn’t have any more kids.

And we’d share all the horror stories with others, causing them to skip procreating.

It’s about survival of the species.

Our lovely Ms. LaRoux has turned into a beast – a beast in frilly dresses, of course.

I joke when I call her a beast, but let me tell you, these tantrums are about to kill me.

There was the 30-minute one (no exaggeration) the other day, when I told her to put her shoes on herself.

One day, she had a 15-minute tantrum, because the panties she wanted to wear were in the laundry hamper.

A few nights ago, she carried on for about 20 minutes because her blanket didn’t cover the ENTIRE bed.

On my last nerve, I reached out to my Facebook and Twitter friends, and asked for suggestions on how to tame our 3 year-old beast—and save my sanity.

Overwhelmingly, the responses were to share the info when I got it.

Well, I never got any suggestions.

Unfortunately, none of us knows how to tame the 3 year-old beast.

So I guess we just ride it out.

Get some earplugs.

Maybe I can learn selective hearing to go with my selective memory.


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