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Sgt. Mom

Posted on: March 13, 2012

You’ve heard of Mr. Mom.

Dr. Mom.

Then there’s Sgt. Mom.

You know about Sgt. Mom.Image

You’ve been there. 

It’s when you have to go into full drill sergeant mode to get anything accomplished in your home.

I can see you shaking your head right now.

One day I realized that I totally felt like a drill sergeant, especially in the mornings, trying to get out the door for school.

I have this thing about being late—I’m Greek, but don’t subscribe to Greek time.

If you don’t know about Greek time, it’s that the appointed time is merely a suggestion and you show up whenever. 

I say, be on time—even a bit early. People have things to do and you need to respect their time as well.


So just to get out of the house in the morning can entail some military-style maneuvers.

There’s the Getting out of Bed in the Morning Problem.

Some days it’s not an issue. Other days, you want to pull your hair out.

We aren’t talking to ourselves!

One of these days I’m going to get a bugle and start playing Reveille

It’s not like I wake them at the crack of dawn.

I wake them between 7:15-7:30 am.

Well, if they’d go to sleep when I put them to bed,  they’d be able to wake up without issue!

I know, I know, we all pushed the envelope as kids.

Then there’s the 10 minute waffling on What to Eat for Breakfast.

Decisions, decisions!

There have been times when it was like pulling teeth to accomplish either of these things, and due to time constraints, I’ve sent them to get dressed and gave them a breakfast bar, a banana or a bowl of dry cereal to eat in the car.

They have to learn!

Then it’s on to getting dressed.

My girls are very particular about their clothing.

So to make things easier, I ask them what they want to wear.

Boo, now 5, is easier going on this topic.

Only problem is, without Sgt. Mom, she will goof around and take 30 minutes to get dressed.

Just to make me crazy, she’ll run around naked and tell me that she is getting dressed.

So we go a few rounds on that.

Meanwhile, Bebs, now 3, is still mulling her decision on the day’s ensemble.

This preschool fashionista is quite particular.

She won’t wear pants, because “princesses don’t wear pants.”

For a while I got her to wear leggings—easier than tights for the newly-potty trained—but now she will only wear tights because “she’s a big 3 year-old.”

Some days she will call out a selection.

Other days, she will choose one, but then when she’s dressed, she will have the mother-of-all-meltdowns because she doesn’t like the way it looks or she’s changed her mind.

Sorry. We don’t have time. You selected your outfit, you’re going to wear it!

So she has her tirade, screaming and carrying on about how she wants to wear something else.

To give in would add an additional 30 minutes, as she would continually change because nothing was right.

I shudder to think how this will go when she’s a teenager!

Eventually she gets over it and she doesn’t mention her outfit again.

Now, to get these girls to brush their teeth and comb their hair is a whole other story.

There must be about 5 reminders.

Now, after all of this, Mom is usually left with about 10 minutes to get ready.

While I race to get ready, the girls get to playing.

Now they are so into their playing, it’s an ordeal to get them to stop and go downstairs.

Sometimes they get distracted along the way.

Then it’s down to the mudroom for coats.

Bebs will take up to 10 minutes to walk down the back stairs.

Not sure why.

I guess she has to make a grand exit 😉

Coats on, then we go outside.

Occasionally, they get distracted by something in the garden or by the weather.

I have to corral them to the car.

Then sometimes we have the debate about “I can buckle myself” and then after 5 minutes and cries of frustration, they announce that they can’t do it.


I’m thoroughly exhausted at this point.

Off to school, where we squeak in about 5 minutes early, but I’ll take it!

I’ve tried to be nice.

I’ve tried to get them up very early.

Being Sgt. Mom is ONLY way I can get them out of the house in a timely manner.

It’s actually the least stressful of all methods.

I think I’ve earned a merit badge in morning maneuvers. LOL

There are other battles throughout the day, but you get the idea.

And of course, you pick which ones are really worth it.

The things we moms have to go through.

But we love them dearly, so we keep plugging along,

Hoping tomorrow morning is better.

Moms everywhere, I salute you!



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