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Bebs Steals the Show

Posted on: January 3, 2012

We’re talking about Bebs, so surely you aren’t surprised.

We were planning to transition Bebs to Boo’s school after the holidays, so the principal suggested placing her in the three year-old class a couple of times during that last week before Christmas.

The kids were practicing for the Christmas show, so Bebs went with them on stage to rehearse.

I stayed at school that day, “just in case,” so I peeked in from time to time to see how it was going.

The class began by holding hands and circling the Christmas tree.

She followed every direction, often better than kids in the class.

Then, each child went to the microphone to recite a poem.

Bebs asked the teacher, “Hey, when’s it my turn?”

So they gave her something to say.

She went to the mic, they brought it down to her and she said her line, “Irthe o Ai Vasilis!” “Santa came!” (in Greek)

I happened to witness it and I couldn’t believe it.

Later, I snuck back to an area outside the gym so she couldn’t see me.

I heard the teacher say, “Ok, last song, guys.”

Bebs knew all the songs, as Boo had brought home a CD so she could practice the song.

I thought she’d sing along.

The song started and the teacher brought the mic to her, and held it in front of her.

Much to everyone’s surprise, she sang the entire song (O Come All Ye Faithful in Greek) and with feeling!

The tears began rolling down my cheeks.

I couldn’t believe how well she sang it.

Later, I asked the teacher how she did that day.

She reported that Bebs knew all the songs, took direction very well, and we should dress her in her Christmas best and bring her to the program.


She was in the program.

Two days later, she came back for another trial day, mostly consisting of rehearsal.

Be sure to bring her tomorrow,” the teacher said.

I asked Boo if it was OK if Bebs was in the program.

She thought it was pretty cool.

So we were on.

I asked Bebs to practice her line.

The stinker.

She made the sign of the cross, and said in Greek, “Holy God, Holy Mightly, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us!”

I told her I didn’t ask for the prayer, I asked for her line.

She laughed and she said it again.

That’s Bebs.

The next day, I called Bebs’ school.

Hello. Bebs isn’t coming to school today.”

The director asked if she was sick.

Um, Angeliki’s been hijacked to perform in Boo’s Christmas program,” I said

The director laughed and replied, “I’ll bet Bebs took over the program.”

Ahhh, they know her too well.

Watch that kid,” she told me. “She will go far!”

So Bebs was in the show.

She said her line softly, and not into the mic.

I heard her, but not sure anyone else did.

The teacher asked her to say it again in the microphone.

The response was so Bebs: “I already did.”

Sometimes she sang and sometimes she didn’t.

She was so little compared to the other kids – heck we’re all little.

She looked so cute, and really, if I must say, she stole the show.

Yup, Bebs, the show stealer.

There were lots of oohs and ahhs, and “look at the little one!” coming from the audience.

Of course everyone knows who she is.

She has a way of making her presence known.

Bebs officially starts at the school next week.

Surely, she will keep it interesting.

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