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Supermom Syndrome

Posted on: December 5, 2011

You know you’ve got it too.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The truth is, I don’t know if we always realize we are doing this.

We take on so much.

Often more than we can possibly handle.

And we stress ourselves out.

So why do we do this?

I wonder…

Do we do it because we want to be helpful?

Because we don’t realize the time commitment?

Because we can’t say no?

Because we think we can juggle everything?

Because we are afraid we won’t be liked?

Because we think we have superhuman powers?

Well, we all have a bit of the Supermom Syndrome.

You know what I’m talking about.

We take on way too much and then we are always frazzled because nothing is done and nothing is done right.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I wonder if we just don’t know that we are doing it.

Perhaps it’s a little bit of all those reasons.

What I do know is that I did it to myself again.

How much can one person possibly do?

When we take on too much, we can’t put the effort that we like to put into things.

We aren’t superhuman.

Time to retool, redefine, restructure.

Time to learn to say NO.

You’re shaking your head.

You’re saying “Yeah right.”


Once again.

Time to retool, redefine, restructure.

Time to learn to say NO.

Ok, this is my new mantra.

I’m going to repeat it over and over again.

I’m going to be lean and mean.

Well, you know what I’m trying to say.

I have to set boundaries and keep them.

Priorities are priorities.

The rest is secondary.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you.

I know you’re right there with me.

We’ll all retire our capes together.

Before it retires us.

We can’t save the world.

We can save our sanity and the peace in our homes.

OK. One more time.

Repeat after me.

It’s time to retool, redefine, restructure.

I WILL say no to all that stuff that I shouldn’t be doing, and what gets in the way of my priorities.

I don’t need to be a super hero.

With this weight off my shoulders, I can excel at what I really feel is important.


Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can!

We’ll have to check in on each other from time to time and make sure we aren’t overwhelming ourselves again.

It’s such a bad habit.

And so bad for our overall health and well being.

Yes. It will kill you before your time.

Not to mention the sanity in our families.


Take that cape and RIP it to shreds.

It’ll help you get out some frustration, too.

Go on.

Throw that cape in the fire.

It’s over.

We are only human.

2 Responses to "Supermom Syndrome"

very good! but for just a day – I wish men would get the Super Dad syndrome – but I digress. I think we’re striving for perfection – and there is none.

Thanks for stopping by. Somehow we think we can hit perfection, but not possible. I’m reciting my new mantra as we speak! Have a good day.

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