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As you know, we are working with Bebs on potty training.

And as always, this little one is giving me a run for the money.

She knows what to do and when, but she still has accidents.

And many times they are on purpose.

At school, they are working with her on the potty training as well.

A couple of days ago, I picked her up at school and I asked her if she went potty.

She laughed and said yes.

The teacher said she only went once.

Apparently when told it was time to go potty, she put her hands on her hips and asked,

“Do you have M&Ms? I get M&Ms at home.”

Her teacher told her that she doesn’t work that way.

And Bebs told her that she doesn’t either.

OK smart aleck 2 year-old!


I told her I am not buying any more Pull-ups, that the time has come.

She’s a big girl.

At home she does OK, some accidents of course.

There have been times recently where she tells me she can’t go because she’s going to fall in the potty.

Even if I hold her.

Sometimes the only way I can get her to go is with M&Ms.

Not the best way, but I want her to keep using the potty.

Wednesday came along and we were getting ready for school.

“I think you need to bring the Dora seat to school.”

I wouldn’t bring the seat because what if we go somewhere and there’s no Dora seat?

She has to learn to do without the Dora seat.

I told her when I dropped her off, that she must use the potty.

She asked again for the Dora seat and I told her we only use the Dora seat at home.

They have little potties there and she won’t fall in.

The teacher even told her she would hold onto her while she sat on the potty.

No such luck.

Utter and absolute refusal to use the potty at school.

The teacher thanked me for not bringing the Dora seat, and expressed her frustration.

And she works will hundreds of kids. And she’s frustrated!

Oh boy.

Yesterday we wore panties all day.

She did great for most of the day.

We sat down on the couch to read and we were all cuddle up – she was sort of laying on me.

Then I felt something warm.

You guessed it!

I lost it.

It’s not fun to be peed on!

She apologized, we cleaned up, changed clothes.

She was good for a few more hours.

We got ready to go pick up Boo from school.

She went potty here, no problem.

I told her we would go to the potty as soon as we arrived at Boo’s school.

She said OK and there was no issue.

…Till we got there.

I took her to the bathroom and she let out a roar like I haven’t heard in a while.

I lifted her up to put her on the potty and she straightened and stiffened her body while yelling bloody murder.

The entire school heard her!

“I’m gonna fall in!” she kept yelling.

I kept telling her I wouldn’t let her fall in.

Then I asked how was she going to go to school there?

She can attend there as soon as she’s potty-trained.

When we are there, she never wants to leave and asks all the time when she will go to school there.

I always tell her, as soon as we get rid of the Pull-ups.

Finally she went a bit, but we had to go a few rounds before she did.

Back at home, she had another accident. # 1 and #2.


So I told her… “We only pee and poop when we are sitting on the potty.”

I told her to repeat it and she kept pretending like she had no idea what was going on.

We cleaned up, changed clothes.

10 minutes later…



She had that look and I just knew this was now a game.

I started to lose it.

Finally, I didn’t say a word, just took her to the bathroom, cleaned her up and changed clothes.

This time, I put a Pull-up on her.

I kept silent, and she kept asking me questions, kept repeating herself.

It was driving her crazy that I wasn’t responding.

“Why do I have a Pull-up? I’m a big girl! Do I get M&Ms?”

Can you just imagine the smoke coming out of my ears as this little thing had the nerve to ask for M&Ms even after she went in her pants?!

A little while later she came to me.

Bebs: Mommy, are you happy?

(She tends to pose this question when she knows I’m upset with her)

Mommy: No.

Bebs: I want you to be happy. I love you.

(She’s working it)

Mommy: I want to be happy too. But I’m very upset with you.

Bebs: How can I make you happy?

(I’m telling you, she’s a politician in training)

Mommy: You can pee and poop only when you sit on the potty, and not have any more accidents. OK?

Bebs: (Looking down and in a pitiful voice) OK.

She walked away and came back with her new party dress. She wanted to wear it.

I promptly snatched the dress away.

I told her she could not have it until we were done with the potty training.

She said, “but that’s my party dress! What will I wear to the Christmas parties?”

Oh boy.

I think she just told me this is going to go on for awhile.

God help me.


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