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It was time.

We probably should have sent her before.

Our precocious 2-1/2 year-old was more than ready for preschool.

When we went to tour the school, she was sad when we left.

“I thought I was going to school,” she said. “Why are we leaving?”

I had to tell her a few more times that we were only visiting.

When we went back to register, she thought for sure that she was staying.

This time she didn’t cry.

She got angry.

“You said I was going to school. Why are we going home?”

I tried to explain that she would start in a few days.

Finally she accepted it and went on with her day.

Yesterday we went shopping for a first day of school outfit.

I let her select it, as well as two new pairs of shoes.

She was very excited. 

Getting ready to leave for school

This morning, she was rarin’ to go.

Boo and I took her to school.

Immediately, something caught her eye and she was off to play.

We kissed her goodbye and wished her a great day.

No tears.

Bebs did really well too. 😉

As we left, I had this strange feeling in my stomach.

“I just LEFT her somewhere, and she will stay ALL DAY.”


We came home and it was strangely quiet.

Strange to not have Bebs at home.

I called the school mid-morning.

She was doing great!

When we picked her up, she was upset.

Not upset at being at school.

Upset that we came to pick her up!

She wanted to stay even longer!

Daddy was worried how she’d do after 6 hours at school.

I guess we have an answer!

A woman at the school said that she talked a lot – much more than the other kids.

“Is she really only 2-1/2?” she asked.

In the car, I asked her if she had fun.

“I missed you, Mom,” she said. “But I was having fun. Can’t I stay longer? I’ve got things to do.”

She told me!

Bebs at school...she already looked different

Miss Independence is ready to leave the nest for a few hours a day.                                             

Mother Bird is doing well.

Perhaps Father Bird is having a tough time?

We better get it together.

This one is going to reach a lot of milestones fast.

Bebs rocked the school!

Let’s put on our seatbelts and hold on tight.

Surely she has taken over.

That school will never be the same.

In a good way, of course. 😉


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