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Rest and Recuperation

Posted on: August 7, 2011

We’ve been away for a while, as we prepared for Boo’s surgery to correct Vesicoureteral Refluxalso known as kidney reflux – in her left kidney.

The procedure, called reimplantation, went well.

Following a night’s stay in the hospital, we are home resting and recuperating.

I’ve begun writing about this, in effort to share our journey with you.

As I do more research and encounter more parents of children afflicted by reflux, I’m amazed to learn how they had to fight for their child to be tested for it, that their doctors simply ignored their request, often resulting in the condition worsening.

We’ll probably be away for a bit more, as her immediate care is quite time consuming, not to mention making Bebs extremely jealous.

At 2, she doesn’t quite understand why her sister is being carried around and getting so much attention, when she is not.

My husband asked with a chuckle, “What kind of meds do they prescribe for the parents to get through this?”

We’re doing the best we can.

My hat is off to the parents of children with series illnesses and disabilities.

I don’t know how you do it.

God bless.

3 Responses to "Rest and Recuperation"


I am so glad that all is going well. I would definately write some information to share with parents. Doctors seem to be so layed back now and days and let things go. I am glad they pursued them to test their children. I am sure that you and your husband are doing a great job! Be encouraged!

Thanks Angela. One day at a time.

I am finding that I need to do online research, ask lots of questions and be the ‘sticky-wicket” for ANY medical concern or procedure these days. Gone are the days when doctors were considered god-like. We now know too much and will not gamble with our health or that of our loved ones. It’s too bad it has come to our having to become medical-lite experts, but perhaps if people had had that attitude in the past, a lot more people might have gotten healthier or had their medical issues addressed.

I can’t imagine going through this as a parent, especially after having gone through all your personal health challenges. Our hearts are with you all as you help your little one through her recovery.

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