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We had returned from vacation that afternoon, and we were definitely still on Pacific time.

We all had trouble sleeping.

Bebs finally fell asleep, and then woke up at midnight.

She asked me to rock her in the chair.

That didn’t work.

Then she asked to come to bed with me.

I said OK.

Big mistake.

This time she was not a wiggle worm.


I mean, nonstop talking.

I kept asking her to stop, threatening to return her to her room.

Nothing worked.

I tried to sleep anyway.

It was tough to sleep – and keep a straight face.

Do you have any idea the crazy things you hear from a rather precocious, well-spoken, 2 year-old insomniac?

Let me enlighten you.

Here we go.

Mommy, why don’t boys have boobies?

Daddies should be able to feed babies too.

Mommy, I definitely want to feed my babies.

I definitely want to do that.

That’s a good idea, don’t you think?

I gotta ask you a question!

Why are some old ladies mean, like in Snow White?

Maybe we should just stay girls so we don’t get mean.

Do you hear what I’m saying?


Isn’t that a good idea?

Well, let me tell you. I don’t think men should be ladies.

That’s pretty silly, right?

I definitely think boys should just be boys, even though they are silly.

Boo says they are silly. I think so too.

But silly is fun. Silly!

“Bebs! Go to sleep!” I told her.

But Mom! I want to talk to you!

I have a lot of things to say.

And I want to ask you a question.

Did you know I found the forest?

How come there isn’t a forest here?

Do you think it’s quiet in the forest?

Do you like the forest?

Do boys like the forest?

Does Daddy like the forest?

Can we count the trees in the forest?

I told her we were going back to her room.

You can’t take me there. Cause I can’t sleep.

I want to sleep with Boo! I miss her.

The two had slept in the same bed together during our trip.

In the beginning, neither liked the idea.

Within a few days, they were cuddling, rolling on top of each other, then over each other, and then cuddling again.

Now there was separation anxiety? Yikes.

I took her back to her room – under protest.


“What now?!” I retorted.

Mom! I love you too. Can we talk some more in the morning?

I have a lot of questions.

Does Christouli (Jesus) love me?

Is Christouli happy?

Will Christouli visit me?

I left the room and she kept chattering.

Bebs fell asleep a short time after.

And slept late the next morning.

She sure did have a lot of questions the next day.

I’ll save those for another time.

Beware of 2 year-old insomniacs.

You never know what they will say.


And now, for a break in our regularly scheduled recovery from Boo’s surgery.

OMG! Bebs is Wendy!

I’m not talking about Wendy from Peter Pan.

If you grew up in the 80s and listened to Prince, you know his backup singers were two girls named Wendy & Lisa.

Wendy had this goofy hairdo that became the “it” ‘do of the year.

You know what I’m talking about.

Short on one side, long on another.

I think you know where this is going.

Now I don’t believe that Bebs has ever heard of Wendy or even seen a photo.

But yesterday, Bebs decided to take a brief hiatus from her art project and play hair salon.


Her self-imposed makeover has left her looking just like Wendy!

Bebs’ cut is on the opposite side of Wendy, but you get the idea.

Maybe she’s trying to revive an old fashion trend.

Who knows.

Her hair had really grown in and was flipping and just looking so adorable.

I didn’t realize at first that she had done the deed.

They worked at their projects as they always do, with safety scissors and glue sticks, among other things.

Later we went for a quick walk to the store – we had to get out of the house.

She put on her signature bonnet and got in the wagon with Boo.

I looked at her and something was off. I couldn’t quite figure it out.

We returned, and Bebs asked for her favorite snack: Papou’s Chips.

Well, Papou doesn’t make chips of course, but he gives her these little bags of sour cream and cheddar chips and she loves them.

Of course, we were out of them.

I offered her 4 kinds of chips and of course none could replace the coveted Papou’s Chips.

Her tantrum lasted almost a full hour.

During the tantrum I found a clump of hair on the floor.

It didn’t look cut.

I shuddered to think, in her rage, could she have pulled it out of her head?

I went to find her, and as I walked passed the table – there it was.

A pile of hair.

Yes, a pile of hair.

She gave herself a pretty good haircut.

It sure was a lot of hair.

If your child has ever cut their own hair, you know what came next.


Now what?

The uncut side

I’m going to have to take her to the salon tomorrow to try to do something with it, so she doesn’t look so lopsided and so it can grow back half way decent.

 I asked her why she cut her hair.

She said, “Because I wanted to.”

No more scissors for Bebs, at least not for a while.

She’s not liking that punishment.

I cut my own hair when I was about 5.

I cut it smack dab in the front of my head.

So there was no covering that up.

At least she did the side and not the front.

the cut side

Well, I guess she’s going to be Wendy for a while.

Time to go hide the scissors.

Now go put on your purple clothes.

Get out that lighter and flick that Bic.

All together now.

Let’s reminisce…

“Purple Rain, Purple Rain…”

We’ve been away for a while, as we prepared for Boo’s surgery to correct Vesicoureteral Refluxalso known as kidney reflux – in her left kidney.

The procedure, called reimplantation, went well.

Following a night’s stay in the hospital, we are home resting and recuperating.

I’ve begun writing about this, in effort to share our journey with you.

As I do more research and encounter more parents of children afflicted by reflux, I’m amazed to learn how they had to fight for their child to be tested for it, that their doctors simply ignored their request, often resulting in the condition worsening.

We’ll probably be away for a bit more, as her immediate care is quite time consuming, not to mention making Bebs extremely jealous.

At 2, she doesn’t quite understand why her sister is being carried around and getting so much attention, when she is not.

My husband asked with a chuckle, “What kind of meds do they prescribe for the parents to get through this?”

We’re doing the best we can.

My hat is off to the parents of children with series illnesses and disabilities.

I don’t know how you do it.

God bless.

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