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La Dolce Vita – Preschool Version?

Posted on: June 21, 2011

Was it the gelato?

Maybe it’s the fact that my daughters are 1/8 Italian?

We went to hang out by a small fountain, near our home.

The girls were fascinated by this ode to flowing water.

They were so excited.

We got some gelato and sat by the fountain.

Then it came.

Boo started to speak, while flinging her long hair back.

Mom, wouldn’t it be so cool to jump in the fountain and feel the water on our skin, wetting our hair?”

Then she started to climb up on the barrier!

I told her we do not go into the fountains.

I don’t know if she was channeling Anita Ekberg or if somehow Fellini was pulling her strings. 

“But Mom, it is a joy, a wonderful and beautiful thing!”

She’s 4!

OK, so she’s never seen “La Dolce Vita,” or any other film or show where people climb in a fountain.

I wasn’t sure where this was coming from.

“Honey, the fountains are for us to look at and admire.”

“No, Mommy,” she retorted.

“The fountains are here to make us happy, to feel alive.


“Maybe I could dance in the fountain too,” she added.

Is this simply the unbridled enthusiasm of a 4 year-old or did someone just invade this girl’s body?

My little drama queen.

Now if when standing on a balcony, she begins to recite “What’s in a name…”

I’ll know I’m in serious trouble.

Oh yes. Mental note.

When we take the kids to Italy, no Trevi Fountain for Boo! 😉

1 Response to "La Dolce Vita – Preschool Version?"

Fabulous girl! A true diva! ; )

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