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Officially a Mom

Posted on: May 9, 2011

You’re probably thinking, “Huh?”

Yes, I have a 4 year-old and a 2 year-old, and surely you’re wondering, “isn’t that official enough?”

In life we go through certain rites of passage.

Not all moms get pregnant and give birth.

So though that definitely makes you a mom, it’s not the only way. So we won’t start there.

Not all moms breastfeed, but I’ll tell you, when goofy things happen during breastfeeding (I’ll leave that to your imagination), you feel like you’re getting initiated into the club.

Now, when the baby pees on you for the first time – you’ve been christened.

You’re on your way.

The first time the baby spits up or throws up on you – and this is inevitable – you climb a rung on the ladder of mommyhood.

Of course, every milestone your child passes raises your mom status.

There are so many other rites of passage that moms go through.

Like when your child says they hate you and slam the door.

When your child is openly defiant.

When your child has the mother of all meltdowns in a store or at an event, and everyone stops to look at you and seems to judge you.

When you become an officer of the PTA.

Guilty. I’m there too.

When your child stays away from home for the first time.

When your child doesn’t come home on time and you can’t reach them.

Of course, when they get older (read: teenagers) there are certainly more challenges – and those challenges are more complex.

You’re a pro by then. You’re the queen. You rule! I’m not yet in your league.

Now there is another rite of passage that officially earns you your mom stripes.

Years ago I secretly made fun of these moms, that this was so Carol Brady and kinda geeky.

Well, call me Geeky Carol.

That’s me.

The other night I found myself making dwarf hats with Boo for her upcoming class presentation of “Snow White.”

As we finished the first hat – it actually turned out well – I paused.

It hit me.

Oh my gosh!

I’m sewing costumes for the school play!


Yes, I bake and cook, share traditions and all that with the kids.

But this is different.

Could I really be – is it possible –  a Martha Stewart mom?

Hoo hoo!

Do I need to go buy some fancy aprons? He he he

Dare I say a “Leave it to Beaver” mom?

I’m feeling a bit giddy here! 😉

Isn’t this something that Marion Cunningham (another “perfect”TV wife/mom) would do? 😉

I’m an old-fashioned domestic diva, and oh-so cool mom!

I’ve been indoctrinated into the club!


Don’t make fun of me.

I might poke you with my needle as I finish the rest of the hats.

JUST kidding.

This is a family show.

We’re having a great time making them, and coming up with suggestions for the other costumes.


My name is Maria and I’m a MOM!

… And I am loving it!


2 Responses to "Officially a Mom"

That is pretty cool that you can make costumes! My mom always made my costumes for plays and Halloween and stuff when I was a kid… but there are not many today who still do!

Thanks for stopping by Nicki! I only made hats…I’m not in the big leagues yet. HA HA HA It was a lot of fun though. You never know what’s next!

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