From the Mommy Files…

20 Questions, Literally

Posted on: March 14, 2011

Boo is 4 now, and grows more inquisitive each day.

Some days she comes up with questions that I never pondered myself.

I never felt the need to, I guess.

Ah, yes, we’re all different.

And she’s only 4.

So the world is a strange and wondrous place.

The other day we were in the car and she began asking questions.

Boo: Mommy, why are eyeballs smooth?

I’d never thought about this. Luckily an answer came quickly.

Mommy: So it doesn’t hurt when you blink.

I was pretty proud of myself. I thought it was a good answer!

Boo: How come they aren’t bumpy?

Mommy: Um, if they were bumpy, it would feel really weird when you close your eyes!

She laughed.

Boo: You’re right, Mommy!

Savor this moment, I thought.

It’s not often a kid tells you you’re right. Ha!

It became silent.

I thought the inquisition was over and then 5 minutes later, it started again.

Boo: Mommy, why aren’t eyeballs pointy?

Mommy: How would you close your eyes?

Boo: Oh yeah. Ha ha.

Each day, there’s a new set of questions.

Another day, she was asking about butterflies.

Boo: Mommy, why do butterflies have 4 wings?

Mommy: You know how you have 2 legs and 2 arms? It’s like the butterfly has two arms and legs. That’s how he’s made. Since he flies and doesn’t walk or hold things, God gave him wings to fly.

Boo: Cool!

Before I could savor my pride in this answer, another question came.

Boo: Mommy, why are butterflies colorful?

Mommy: Um, to make a beautiful show in the sky.

Boo: So it’s like a flying rainbow?

Mommy: Something like that.

Boo: Mommy, you’re so smart. How do you know all the answers?

Mommy: That’s what happens when you become a mommy.

Boo: So can I be a mommy today?

Mommy: No Sweetie, not today.

Boo: OK, so when can I be a mommy so I know everything?

Mommy: When you get bigger.

Boo: So when I’m bigger, God will put the babies in my belly when it’s time?

Mommy: Yes.

Boo: And you have to be a nifi (bride) first, right?

Mommy: Yes.

Boo: That’s so cool! Be a nifi in a princess dress, then you can be a mommy and get babies in your belly! YAY!

Good logic. I have to be quick on the draw with this kid!

Then she began to ask when I was going to be a mommy again.

We’ll save that one for another day.

Wonder what today’s questions will be…


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