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It was diaper-changing time.

You know, that time of profound discussions between mother and child.

Boo came in the room, as I was finishing up with Bebs.

Somehow the question came up.

I can’t remember if a tantrum was brewing.

I don’t quite recall how the conversation started.

It’s that darned chemo brain!

Anyway, so we were discussing tantrums.

Why do little girls have tantrums?” I asked.

“It’s a monster,” Bebs replied.

It sure is a monster.

Then I asked, “So the monster comes and takes over?”

“The monster comes, and then you have a tantrum,” Boo explained.

I see.

How in the world do you get rid of this monster?

The explanations were many. So many that my head was spinning.

I can’t remember all of them.

The other day I asked the girls again about this monster.

Mom: Where does the monster come from?

Boo: He comes from outside.

Mom: And how does the monster get to you?

Boo: He sneaks in during the night, like a little creepy crawler, and it gets in you.

Mom: Then what?

Boo: Then it waits.

Bebs: It waits! A monster!

Mom: So what makes it come out?

Boo: We’re not quite sure.

Mom: How do you get rid of it?

Boo: You have to get a tissue really fast and blow your nose. If you don’t get it fast enough, it goes crazy.

Mom: I see. Well, that explains it!

Boo: Do you understand?

Mom: Yes. Is there a way to stop it from coming in, before it gets in you?

Boo: I’m not sure. But we’re working on it.

Mom: So you don’t like tantrums either?

Boo: No way!

Bebs: Not me.

Mom: We have to figure out how to keep the monsters away.

Boo: The answer may be in the snow.

Mom: Is that why there’s more snow today?

Boo: Yes, I ordered it.

Then they went off to play with their dolls.

There you have it.

I’ll let you know if the answer is indeed in the snow.

Or if we discover the key to keeping those little creepy crawly monsters out of the house.

She’s 4 you know, and she knows these things.


I just thought of something.

If we figure that out, well…

We’ll be in touch.


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