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14 Eyes – I Need Them!

Posted on: January 6, 2011

There’s an old Greek saying, “Ta matia sou dekatessera,” which roughly translates to, may you be as careful and mindful of what’s around you, as if you had 14 eyes.

When I was younger, my parents and grandmother would say this to me often, as I was heading out the door.

Well, I’ve got a new application for this phrase.

I’ve told you that Bebs is a little Miss Independent.

She’s going to give me a run for the money.

I tell her something and she laughs at me in defiance.

One night last week, we took her out of the car and set her down on the sidewalk.

She took off.

She’d never done that before.

She headed right toward a busy road.

I almost had a heart attack.

I yelled to her to stop, but she paid no attention. She only giggled.

I had to sprint to grab her before she entered the street.


The other day, Boo opened up the refrigerator to get a snack.

Bebs came right up next to her and helped herself to a bottle of Daddy’s vitamin E capsules.

Somehow, she got the bottle open and began chewing on them.

I had just gone to the bathroom, and was gone maybe one minute.

That’s all it takes.

I didn’t see her right away.

Thank goodness Boo – the good big sister that she is – brought the matter to my attention.

“Mommy! Bebs is eating Daddy’s vitamins!”

I charged over and Bebs was holding the opened bottle in her hand.

I grabbed her and pulled one out of her mouth.

There were two slightly chewed up ones on the floor.

I asked her if she ate any.

“Yes!” she replied, proudly.

“How many?” I demanded.

“Three, four!”

She’s 22 months, so who knows.

I asked Boo, but she had no idea.

I couldn’t find anything online about kids ingesting vitamin E capsules.

Telephone, please: “Hello, Poison Control?”

Thank God it would not cause anything serious.

Maybe some diarrhea, a skin rash, and it might make her more tired than usual.

Well, none of the above occurred.


Am I going to say “phew!” more frequently now?

We are getting a preview of the terrible two’s – though she has two months to go until it’s official.

Recently, Bebs didn’t listen when I told her to not touch a nightlight.

I told her I’d put her in her bed if she didn’t listen.

She then began to have a tantrum.

I followed through.

What did she do?

She started singing “We’re a Couple of Misfits,” from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

There was a little voice emanating from upstairs singing, “You can’t fire me, I quit!”

Oh yeah?

I’m not giving up.

Mommy’s the boss!

And I need 14 eyes to stay on top of things with her.

Bebs will surely keep me on my toes.

Maybe I’ll need 14 of those too.

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[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Maria A. Karamitsos, Maria A. Karamitsos. Maria A. Karamitsos said: I need 14 eyes to stay on top of things with this toddler! […]

I hear you! My 7 month old just started crawling. Once they’re mobile you just never know what they might get into.

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