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A New Toddler Affliction?

Posted on: November 24, 2010

By now, you’ve probably read the tale of Boo’s bout with Squeakibenitis.

No, it hasn’t made a comeback, but it’s spurred a new toddler affliction.


You read correctly.

Yesterday, we were in the car, on the way to drop my sister off at the train station.

Bebs started getting goofy.

I asked Boo if she thought perhaps Bebs had caught Squeakibenitis.

Before Boo could answer, Bebs said, “Stinkernitis!”

She was trying to say Squeakibenitis, but it came out as Stinkernitis.

We all had a good laugh, since she is quite the stinker.

She kept repeating, “Stinkernitis! Stinkernitis!” and laughing, rather pleased with herself.

Oh boy, a new toddler affliction I’d never heard of.

How in the world do we get rid of this one?

I asked Dr. Boo, our resident expert in childhood maladies.

Well, Mommy, to get rid of Stinkernitis, you must drink lots and lots – make that tons of lemonade. This way, you go potty a lot and all the Stinkernitis comes out. And then you’re cured.”

Wow, that’s pretty simple.

So Bebs asked for lemonade. She drank some.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough, because later Boo insisted she must drink more lemonade to be cured.

This morning I asked Bebs if she was cured.

Stinkernitis!” she yelled.

Dr. Boo! Isn’t she cured?” I asked.

Maybe she got it again,” Dr. Boo hypothesized.

Let me look at her,” she continued.

After some time examining Bebs, Boo presented her final diagnosis.

Mommy, I’m sorry, but she might always be a stinker.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

So which one really has Stinkernitis? 😉

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