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Squeaky What?

Posted on: November 23, 2010

The other day, Boo was acting more goofy than usual. She began to make some strange noises.

I asked what was wrong.

“It’s Squeakibenitis. Look,” she said, as she pointed into her mouth.

Squeaky What?

Was it a person? Squeaky Benitis?  What’s that?

Nope. Apparently, it’s an affliction that little girls get sometimes.

She told me to look in her mouth. I didn’t see anything.

So I asked, what happens when you get Squeakibenitis?

You get a bad throat,” she said. “So you make weird noises and be silly.”


I asked her, “How do you get rid of Squeakibenitis?”

I’ll tell you tomorrow,” she insisted.

The next day came, and when she made weird noises, I suggested it was her Squeakibenitis acting up.

No! I do not have Squeakibenitis!” she protested.

You’re cured?” I asked.

What’s cured?” she inquired.

It means it went away. Tell me, how did you make it go away?” I replied.

Well, it moves through your body, down into your legs,” she described.

Then what happens?” I asked. “How do you get it out?”

Well, let me tell you!” she persisted.

You poke a hole in your foot…” she began.

What?!” I interrupted.

Oh, Mommy, it’s so small, you don’t see it or feel it, and it gets out of your body and then you’re done.”

Can it come back?” I questioned.

I sure hope not,” she muttered.

Mystery solved.

Now you know about Squeakibenitis.

It’s an uninvited visitor, that seems to leave just as fast as he came. It makes little girls MORE goofy. Hmmm.

I didn’t know that MORE goofy was possible. 😉

Ah, the imagination of a 3-1/2 year old!

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