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I Wanna See Halloween!

Posted on: November 3, 2010

Halloween is over, but my girls don’t want it to end.

Bebs misses the big kitty and all the fun decorations.

We go out, and she says, “I wanna see Halloween!”

She keeps asking for the big kitty. I told her he went away until next year.

“Bye kitty,” she says sadly. “Come back!”

Boo also wants to keep the celebration going.

It seems her motivation is strictly motivated by sugar.

I’ve allowed her 1-2 pieces of candy each day, but she figured out the hiding place and was sneaking it.

Gee, do you think that’s why she was bouncing off the walls?

OK, new hiding place found!

I told her that Halloween is over until next year. We’re going to put all the decorations away and get rid of the rest of the candy.

You’d think I just told her I was going to hurt the Disney princesses.

“That’s my candy, Mom! I have to eat it!” she tells me.

“But not all in one day!” I respond repeatedly.

Somehow, chocolate clogs theirs ears, and they just can’t hear what their mother is saying.

“Boo! Boo!” I call her. She doesn’t answer.

“Hey! You! Over there! I’m talking to you!” No response.

I find her and she is in the corner sneaking a lollipop.

So then I commit what in her mind can be construed as blasphemy.

I take the lollipop.

I throw it in the garbage.

So now the entire neighborhood thinks I’m beating her.

Or, if they have kids, they know I’ve either just refused them candy or took candy away.

There’s something about candy that seems to possess a child.

There’s this sense of great urgency.

They need to eat all the candy right now, this very moment. Or they’re going to die.

I’ve thought to myself that maybe I should let Boo eat her way through the candy bowl until her tummy hurts, that perhaps she might learn.

Nope. Just my luck, she’d keep me up all night wailing about her belly.

Then first thing in the morning, she’d ask for candy.

I love Halloween.

It’s a lot of fun.

There’s just too much candy involved.

At Boo’s school, I encouraged the parents to give non-candy gifts, so we didn’t get too much there.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have as many trick-or-treaters as we have in the past.

I think it’s a combination of factors.

There was an awful lot of trick-or-treating before Halloween. Maybe they were just done.

And it was Sunday night.

Thus, we were left with a ton of candy.

I hate to do it, but it’s about to meet the trash can in the alley. I’d drop it off somewhere, but I’m sure everyone has the same idea.

It seems that the sugar isn’t the worst culprit. It’s the chocolate. Can you say, CAFFEINE?!

Great! Little kids all caffeinated. YIKES!!


I’m not a party pooper.

I do love Halloween.

It’s my birthday, after all.

I know! Next year give a non-candy treat or only one piece of candy. Save money and a parent’s sanity too. Just a thought.

I really do like candy. But I digress…


2 Responses to "I Wanna See Halloween!"

If you google “Treats for Troops” you can find organizations who are collecting leftover Halloween candy to send out to our troops. Just a thought.

Thanks! What an awesome idea! We are going to box it off and ship it out. I think I have a way to have Boo buy into it. We’ll have her draw a picture to send with it and tell her about the heroes who didn’t get to trick or treat this year. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

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