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Molars are in Your Mouth, Silly!

Posted on: October 19, 2010

“What? You have a molar what? Molars are in your mouth, silly!”

I imagine my Boo saying something like that. But of course I didn’t tell her any of this.

I had a complete molar pregnancy.

It’s something that’s pretty rare. In fact, I understand that many OB/GYN’s never ever encounter one in all their years of practice. The ones that do, experience only a few. It happens like 1 in 1000.

Complete molar pregnancy.

It gets stuck in my mouth when I try to say it.

Maybe because molars are supposed to be in your mouth and not in your womb.

An unfortunate term, but I guess remnants of the pregnancy can act like a mole, as in a cancerous mole.

Yup. This isn’t your typical miscarriage.

You lost a baby, but also, your health is on the line.

I don’t think anyone can totally process all the info. The best way I can describe it, is that a tornado came to consume me. I’m in a bad dream. Will someone wake me up?

So you’re wondering, what on earth is a molar pregnancy?

There are two kinds of molar pregnancies: complete and partial.

Both happen in what is basically referred to as a genetic accident.

In both cases , there is fertilization/conception, implantation; you begin developing pregnancy hormones and have morning sickness. The pregnancy test is positive. You get excited and you start dreaming about and planning for your new addition.

In a complete molar, an empty egg is released – devoid of any genetic material. You plan to go to the doctor at the 8th week. Some have bleeding and very extreme morning sickness. Then you go to the doctor and when you have the ultrasound, it hits you like a ton of bricks – there’s no baby. There are sacs of fluid, a placenta. Sometimes clusters of things, but no baby. Since half the necessary genetic material is missing, it can never grow into anything. So the fertilized egg is basically absorbed by the body. You’re body still thinks you’re pregnant, and your hormone levels are through the roof.

In a partial molar, two sperm fertilize the same egg. Now with an extra set of chromosomes, the embryo basically does itself in, because it can’t survive that way. In some cases, it gets absorbed right away. In other cases, couples see the baby and the heartbeat on ultrasound, and then the heart stops beating shortly thereafter, because there was no way it could survive.

Either way, it’s devastating.

I had a complete molar pregnancy.

It was suspected, so I was sent immediately to a gynecologic oncologist.

A what?

I tried hard not to freak out as I walked into the CANCER CENTER.

This can’t be my life.

I had surgery the next day.

For an indefinite period – at least 6 months – I’ll be under the oncologist’s care.

Every two weeks I will have my blood drawn, to be sure my hormone levels go down to zero and stay that way.

With complete molars, there is a 12-17% chance of complications.

That’s 3 times higher than with a partial.

Complications = chemotherapy.

You read correctly.

So if my hormone levels plateau or begin to rise again, I’ll have to have chemotherapy.

Yes, it does seem like a bad dream.

And this is just the beginning.

It’s a long road from here.

One step at a time.


That’s how I’ll get through.

There’s not much information out there on the subject.

I found one book that look’s interesting.

Online forums have been incredible.

People share their stories, and you feel you aren’t alone.

It’s been very comforting.

So that’s why I decided to share my story.

If I can provide comfort to someone, then I’ve done a good deed.

Not to worry. I’ll continue telling stories about my daughters – they are very amusing. 😉

(At this moment, Boo is singing a rousing rendition of “It Only Takes a Moment,” from “Hello, Dolly!” and is putting extra emphasis on the high notes. Gotta love her!)

Sometimes I’ll update you on my progress.

Who knows, this may spin off into a blog of its own.

I can see it now…


Do I get to wear a cape and pretend to be a super hero?

I know. I know.

But I have to keep my sense of humor!

I pray that I am the last one to ever go through this.

Oh, and anytime you want to wake me up from this nightmare, please do so.

Another good resource:

2 Responses to "Molars are in Your Mouth, Silly!"

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Thank you for the mention of the site. I’m sorry you went through this, but I’m glad you found the strength to share your story so others could learn and benefit from it. ❤

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