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Toddler with a Boyfriend?!

Posted on: October 6, 2010

Yes. You read correctly.

My 19 month-old has a boyfriend.

And he’s younger!

I volunteer a lot at Boo’s school and there is another mom there who frankly, without her, nothing would get done. She has a little boy who is 14 months old, and just like Bebs, he tags along.

Last year, this mom and I made lunch for the kids every Friday. So Bebs and the little boy Georgie hung out together a lot, communicating from their strollers, sharing snacks, making their baby noises.

This year, they both walk and talk. There’s a lot of giggling going on, too.

Every morning when we get ready for school, Bebs says, “Go see Georgie!”

Lately she gets upset if she doesn’t see him.

The entire way home, she’ll say, “Where’s Georgie? Why Georgie no come?”

Yesterday, after her nap, I was getting her ready so we could go pick up Boo from school.

“Will we see Georgie?” she asked, with this goofy grin on her face.

“Do you like Georgie?” I asked.

“Georgie’s my friend!” she replied, coyly. She had the biggest smile on her face.

It was like watching a teenager gush about her latest crush.

We didn’t get to see Georgie.

She was very disappointed.

As I was buckling her into her car seat, she said, “Wait for Georgie!”

I told her we had to get home. Evidently, she’d seen his mom’s van pull up.

“Mommy, wait for Georgie!” she said. I told her we had to leave, and so I got Boo in the car and we left.

When we arrived home, she said, “Mommy, Georgie is my friend!”

I can’t believe I had this conversation with a 19 month-old!

I hope this doesn’t mean she will want to date early. I already told her there will be no dating.

When the time comes, an old-fashioned proxenio – Greek for arranged marriage – is the way this will go. 😉

Hmmm…I could be in trouble here. Boy crazy at 19  months? Or just Georgie Crazy?

This will be a great story to share with her when she’s older.

Wouldn’t it be hysterical if these two did end up together someday?

Well, he is a nice Greek boy from a good family…

For now, we’ll just go with it at face value. It IS super cute.

Don’t get nervous, Daddy. They’re only toddlers.

‘A toddler with a boyfriend’ does sound pretty crazy.

OK. We’re off to go see Georgie.

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