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My Kids are Like Michigan J. Frog

Posted on: September 20, 2010

Remember that old Warner Brothers cartoon where the man finds a singing frog?

The frog sings to the man: “Hello my baby, hello my honey. Hello my ragtime gal!”

He takes him from agent to agent, hoping to cash in on this amazing find. Everywhere they go, the frog will not sing, but as soon as they are outside the door, the frog bursts into song.

My kids are like Michigan J. Frog!

I don’t expect I’m going to cash in on them or anything, but I do think that people think I’m smokin’ the funny stuff when I tell them that my girls sing and dance. Sometimes we’ve been able to capture it on video, so there is some proof. Other times, as soon as we turn on the camera, the show stops. Uggh!

Boo can sing you any song from Elli Kokkinou’s Sto Kokkino CD, or selections from “The Wizard of Oz “ and “Hello, Dolly!” among others.

Bebs can sing “Hello, Dolly!”, “Twinkle, Twinkle,” even “Over the Rainbow.”

Now of course, if we ask them to sing in front of someone, they get all shy.

These two don’t act remotely shy when it’s just us.

Why is that?

I wonder what’s going through their heads when I ask them to sing…


“Hey, I’m not a trained monkey who’ll perform on demand!”

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t rehearsed today.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“You think this is free entertainment to wow your friends? Get over it lady!”

“What do I get for this performance?”

Surely you can think of other things.

Still, I wonder why they get all shy. Hmmm….

Perhaps it’s a phase. Perhaps there’s no hope of a career in show biz. Perhaps they are temperamental artists who only “perform” when the mood strikes.

Who knows.

For now, I will enjoy the times when they do sing.

Like this morning, Bebs gave me a rousing rendition of “Hello, Dolly!”

I did get her to repeat it for her dad. So at least he knows I’m not delusional.

But really, my girls do sing and dance.

I happen to think they are pretty extraordinary. But I’m just the mom.

I want them to share their gifts with the world, and feel good about it.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to become a nutty stage mother. No worries.

But come on, sing baby, sing! LOL

For now, I’m just like the guy in the frog cartoon. What can you do?


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