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Hot Lunch Chronicles

Posted on: September 16, 2010

Well, I hope I haven’t lost my mind.

I had so much fun making and serving hot lunch for the kids last year that I volunteered to do it again.

It had been a crazy morning, and while I normally arrive at school in plenty of time to prepare lunch, I was in a rush. It was a bit frenzied, but it all came together.

On this first Friday, the Parents’ Club sponsored a pizza lunch.

Bebs and I – unfortunately on our 3rd stop of the morning – which meant this could go downhill at any moment – picked up the pizzas.

We arrived at school, and well, I would have paid money to watch this show. There wasn’t anyone around, so I tried to balance the 5 pizza boxes on top of the stroller, while I pushed it toward the school. This would have been fairly simple if I had the regular stroller. But I only had the umbrella stroller, which is nearly impossible to push and steer with one hand. I found myself laughing at one point. This was comical. Bebs was furious that she was strapped into a stroller. Oh the horror!

Luckily, a helper was at the door. Saved!

I ran into the kitchen to cut up some watermelon. I thought Bebs would lose her mind. She wanted out of that stroller and fast. I cut as fast as I could. I tried to tell her a story, give her a bite of watermelon. Forget it. All she kept saying was, “WALK!” She can walk now and she was not going to be tethered to this contraption any longer.

Once we were out of the kitchen and setting up, I set her free. She ran around, squealing with joy, as if she’d discovered freedom for the first time.

The kids came out for lunch.

Something was different.

These kids barely ate their pizza. Seemed strange to me. Last year, they couldn’t get enough pizza. Frankly, I never met a kid who didn’t like pizza.

So I asked. “Do you like pizza?”

All the kids responded with a resounding, “YES!

Then why weren’t they eating it? No clue.

The kids seemed to be in a big hurry to start recess. Most didn’t finish their lunch.

They ran around, burning off some energy. I wished I could take it and bottle it up for my own future use. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Bebs happily ran with them, singing “Ring Around the Rosie,” and falling at the appropriate time. Of course, everyone got a kick out of her.

Back at the table, several kids were finishing up. I made a point to introduce myself to the new kids and say hi to the other kids.

Just then, last year’s Lunchtime Casanova perked up.

Hi BooBoo’s Mommy,” he said slyly. “Did you make lunch today?

I said yes.

Will you make lunch for us every week, again?” he asked, with a grin.

Again, I said yes.

Good!” he said. “Cause I like you!”

This kid cracks me up! Four years-old and he’s quite the little flirt.

So I’ll see you next time?” he asked.

I responded in the affirmative.

You didn’t tell me your name,” he said.

Kyria Maria,” (Mrs. Maria) I said.

I like Kyria Maria. Do you guys know Kyria Maria?” he asked the kids around him.

Then he gave me his biggest smile and went off to play.

About then, Bebs was starting to lose it. Sensing the impending meltdown, it was time for us to make our exit. It had been a long day and she’d been really good. Time for her to take her nap.

Another hot lunch day, another story.

This is why I like to work the hot lunch. Never a dull moment.

Wonder what’s in store next time…


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