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No Recess Blues

Posted on: September 13, 2010

After much anticipation, Boo finally started school this past week.

If she had her way, she would have returned two months prior.

That morning, everything went fairly smoothly.

We arrived, and the assistant from the 3 year-old class took her by the hand and walked in her into the 3 year-old room to meet the new kids.

Soon, Boo came out. She had this strange look on her face. She said, “didn’t anybody tell her? I’m in the 4 year-old class!” Yes, she is.

She knew her new teacher. They hugged, and Boo went to her new room to have a look around.

It was a short day. The kids did a few projects. They met some new kids.

Then there was a brief church service, to kick off the new year. Shortly thereafter, it was time to go home.

How was your first day?” I asked.

Fine,” Boo responded, with a hint of sarcasm.

Hmm…I expected a bit more than that.

One of the moms mentioned that when she peeked in, Boo seemed a little overwhelmed. It’s the new kids. She’s always like that for a bit when there are people she doesn’t know. Maybe that was it.

She didn’t tell us much about her first day, so we didn’t press her.

The next morning, I went to wake her up.

I’m not going to school!” she protested.

This is from the girl who asked for two months when the first day of school was?

I asked why, and this was the response:

There’s no recess. I’m not going because there’s no recess this year.

I tried to contain the laughter.

She’s got the No Recess Blues!

I explained to Boo, that the previous day was a short day, and they really didn’t get a snack break (after which is the first recess) and there was no lunch since it was a half day (the second recess of the day comes after lunch).

That’s why there was no recess. I don’t think she believed me.

She finally came downstairs, and sat down to breakfast.

Are you excited for school today?” her dad asked.

“I’m not going,” Boo said. “They don’t have recess this year. I think I need a new school!

She’s got the No Recess Blues!

I explained to her dad that it was not a typical schedule, and then reminded Boo that on this day it was a regular schedule, and there would be two recess periods. I promised her, and she reluctantly agreed to go.

When we arrived at school, she asked someone if there would be recess that day. The response – two recesses – was the affirmation she sought and she went happily on her way.

After school, she proudly reported that there was indeed recess – twice – and it was OK to stay there.

She had a small homework project, which she completed with zeal.

The next day, she was happy to go to school, and when I picked her up, she eagerly described the events of the day and announced she had another homework project.

We came home, completed her craft project right away, and went right to playing. Later she said, “Can I do more homework?” I told her she finished her homework already. She said she wanted to do another project that she could keep at home. I didn’t want to mess with her new found passion for homework.

I did my best to cut the shape of a person out of construction paper (poor, distorted thing) and she gleefully decorated it, similar to the one from her homework assignment. When her father came home, she proudly presented her “school homework” and her “home homework.”

Hopefully she will always have enthusiasm for homework.

In the meantime, I have to get creative, so I can give her some similar “home homework” too.

So we’ve cured the No Recess Blues.

Wonder what’s going to be next!

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