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Miss Independence

Posted on: September 6, 2010

Well, it’s been a little more than a week since Bebs began walking on her own.

It was a very exciting moment – she got up and walked about six feet, then stopped, sat down, got up and walked back. She’s hasn’t stopped since.

Nothing’s more important that walking – and I mean nothing. Walking is more important to her these days than food, sleep, anything.

Now, when we go for walks, Bebs doesn’t want to go in her stroller or her little car. She wants to walk.

“Walk!” she says. “I’m walking!”

So the other night, when we went on our after-dinner stroll, we let her walk.

I tried to take her hand. “No hand!” she said.

I told her she had to hold my hand. “No hand!” she insisted.

We met a bump in the sidewalk. I advised her of the impending obstruction.

“Big bump!” she said. Most times she got over them, at which time she’d yell “All right!” and other times she’d fall, and just say, “big bump!” once again. She’d get up and be on her way.

Then we got to the corner.

“Hold Mommy’s hand so we can cross the street,” I said.

“No hand! Walk!” I told her weren’t going any further unless she took my hand. She refused.

We don’t cross the street without holding an adult’s hand. I’ve explained the rules. Boo knows this and I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue.

After she began screaming at me, I picked her up and carried her across the street. You would have thought I took away her favorite toy. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t come out to see who was torturing this child!

As soon as we crossed the street I put her down. She walked again and was a happy camper.

The scenario of the big bumps was repeated.

Then we got to the corner. Same story. Just press repeat.

Bebs was so not happy with me. “Big girl!” she said. “I’m walking!”

Sorry, Mommy’s the boss! I picked her up at every corner, and put her down after we crossed the street. She was so angry with me. Too bad.

Miss Independence.

18 months-old, about a week walking on her own. And she doesn’t need me anymore.


This morning she was attached to my leg, so go figure. Guess it had nothing to do with walking outside.

Miss Independence.

Someone once said to me, “See the toddler and see the teenager.”

Oh boy. I’m in serious trouble.

3 Responses to "Miss Independence"

oh no i must have missed this post…just wondered yesterday if bebs was up and walking about….funny i just figured she’d walk when she was good and ready….miss independant!!

Thanks for stopping by. She is very independent, and very determined! Luckily for me, she’s more cooperative now when we go on walks. She was clearly concentrating her energies on talking. You won’t believe it if you hear her!

cant wait! feels like forever since we last saw you.

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