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Mommy, Will You Find Me a Husband?

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Yes, you did read that correctly.

Boo, my 3.5 year old, was taking a break from her singing and dancing. We’ve watched the video from her camp recital (more on that later this week) about 25 times and we’ve watched “Hello, Dolly!” for what seems like the 108th time. You’re wondering if selections from “Hello, Dolly!” will make it into our band’s set list – and they probably will, since Bebs likes to sing them too.

So where were we? Oh yeah!

Boo was taking a break and she said, “Mommy, will you find me a gambro?” (gambro being Greek for groom or husband, of course.) I seem to remember having this conversation before.

Check this out.

Mommy: I’d be happy to, when it’s time.

Boo: When will it be time?

Mommy: When you’re much bigger.

Boo: OK.

Mommy: We have lots of friends with sons, so we can pick one for you, and then we know he comes from a good family.

My husband and I have joked – well, I wasn’t joking – that we would do this. And we have lots of boys to choose from, amongst our friends’ children!

Boo: OK, Mommy. So I already know him?

Mommy: Yes.

Boo: Good.

Mommy: What should he be like? What kind of things should he like to do?

Boo: He should be fun.

Mommy: Absolutely. Anything else?

Boo: He should like to sing and dance.


Mommy: And?

Boo: He should like to go to church and do his stavro (make the sign of the Cross).

Mommy: Good girl. Anything else?

Boo: I think he should be like Daddy.

Awww. Most girls want a guy like their daddy. At 3.5, she’s already figured it out. Well, he is the man in her life, so it makes perfect sense.

Mommy: That’s good thinking.

Boo: Can I marry Daddy?

Mommy: No, Sweetie.

Boo: OK. Will you find a gambro for Bebs too?

Mommy: Of course, when it’s time.

Boo: Good.

Mommy: Want to go downstairs?

Boo: Oh Mommy – one more thing. You should find a gambro for Bebs first.

Mommy: Bebs is younger than you, Honey. You want her to get married first?

Boo: Yeah.

Mommy: Why is that?

Boo: Cause I’m not ready to get married yet.

Mommy: Good. Cause I’m not ready for you to get married yet, or Bebs.

Boo: OK Mommy. We’ll just stay with you.

Mommy: Someday you will leave me.

Boo: Where would I go without you?

Mommy: Someday you’ll go away to college.

Boo: Oh, yeah. I forgot. And what will you and Daddy do when Bebs and I go away to college?

Mommy: I don’t know. Move to a smaller house?

Boo: That’s silly Mommy!

Mommy: Well, you guys will be big girls then, and you probably won’t want to live with Mommy and Daddy anymore.

Boo: I thought I was supposed to stay until I’m a nifi (bride) and then I go to my new house.

Mommy: Well, you can decide that when you’re a big girl.

Boo: I am big, don’t you know?

Mommy: I know, Sweetie. But I mean really big.

Boo: Oh, big enough to be a Mommy?

Mommy: I suppose.

Boo: OK Mommy. Thanks. Can we go watch “Hello, Dolly!” now?

Mommy: OK.

“Hello, Dolly!” Take 109. I’m singing the songs in my sleep.

For now, I’ll just enjoy “Hello, Dolly!” and singing and dancing – and of course, our band – until I have to start looking for a gambro. Good thing I still have time.


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