From the Mommy Files…

The Set List

Posted on: August 2, 2010

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to hear the set list that Boo has prepared for us. 😉

We were having lunch the other day when I asked Boo if she thought anymore about the set list for our band.

Boo: Our band’s gonna rock!

Mommy: What songs will we sing?

Boo: OK, Mom, write this down:

Let’s start with “We Will Rock You.”

Then I think we should go to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Mommy: Are you sure? Those songs don’t really go together.

Boo: There are no rules in City Band.

I see.

Mommy: What’s next?

Boo: Let’s do “Oh Mommy!”

Bebs: Oh Mommy! Oh Mommy!

We have consensus. Phew!

Boo: Then we need to do some Elli Kokkinou songs, cause you know she’s my favorite.

Let’s start with “Bye Bye Bye.”

Then do “Agori Mou.”

I like “Thelo Tosa Na Sou Po” next.

Mommy: Who will sing the boy part? It is a duet.

Boo: Daddy will, of course.

Boo: Then we should do “Oraia” (the song’s really called “Afto to Kalokairi” See Boo’s video from last year.) cause Bebs likes it too.

Mommy: Anything else?

Boo: Oh yes! We need one for Daddy! Let’s do a Led Zeppelin song!

Mommy: Led Zeppelin? OK. Which song?

Boo: Let Daddy pick it.

Mommy: Who will sing it?

Boo: Daddy gets to sing that one. He needs one song to sing.

If you thought that was eclectic, the second iteration of the set list includes more songs from the Wizard of Oz, plus her instructions to “bring your swimsuit!”

Mommy: Any progress on the costumes?

Boo: Oh yeah, Mom. I already decided. We’re going to wear our swim suits. We’re going to be “City Band in the Summer!”

Oh boy. I better get my butt to the gym a bit more often. I have to wear my swim suit? Yikes!

Boo: We need to start rehearsing, Mom. We’re behind schedule.

Slave driving already. I see how this is going to go. Such is the life of City Band.


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