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Boo’s Song List

Posted on: July 23, 2010

As the day began, we still didn’t have a name for the band yet. Never fear, Boo is still very much into starting a band.

Daddy’s been very busy with work lately, and hasn’t played much guitar for the girls.  Boo told me that this weekend, we better get rehearsing, cause “we’re wasting time!”

On the way to camp, the other day, Boo started formulating our song list.

Boo: Mommy, I’m thinking of some songs we can sing with our band.

Mommy: What songs, Sweetie?

Boo: How about this one…”One potato, two potato, three potato, four, five potato, six potato, seven potato more!”

Mommy: I like it.

Boo: Then we’ll go right to “We will, we will rock you! Boom, boom, boom. We will, we will rock you!”

Love the sounds effects.

Mommy: That’s cool. You like that song?

Boo: It’s perfect for a rock star.

Just then a little voice chimed up from the other side of the back seat.

Bebs: Oh Mommy! Oh Mommy!

Nope, she wasn’t speaking to me directly. She was singing. Yes, she does sing. I think I’ve told you before that I make up little ditties to distract the girls when they are having a meltdown or when they are fidgety. I wrote this little ode a couple of weeks ago for Bebs. She loves the bath, and whenever I take her out, she has a major fit. So one day, the words just came to me. I started to sing.

The song “Oh Mommy!” Is sung not to the tune of The Beatles, “Oh Darling!” but rather to Toni Basil’s “Mickey!

Oh Mommy

You’re so mean

You don’t let me play in the tub

Oh Mommy!

Oh Mommy!

From the first time I sang it, Bebs shouted, “Oh Mommy!” Boo started to sing the song too. An instant hit! So I guess we’ll be singing this with our band.

Boo: Oh Mommy, you’re so mean…

Bebs: Oh Mommy! Oh Mommy!

Mommy: A duet!

Boo: If that means we are singing together, then OK!

Mommy: Yes, Honey, a duet means two people singing together.

Boo: OK. We need to rehearse this weekend, OK?

Mommy: OK. How will Big G practice with us? I don’t know if he can come over.

Remember, she’d recruited her cousin as the drummer.

Boo: He can practice at his home. We’ll practice at ours. Then we can call him on the speaker phone and play together.

Interesting logic.

Mommy: What about Uncle Clowny? Won’t he get jealous that he isn’t in the band?

I asked about my brother, who by the way, at one point wanted to be a rock star too. I’m seeing a recurring theme here. Do we all go through this phase?

Boo: Someone will have to help Big G with his drums.

Mommy: So Uncle Clowny will be the roadie?

Boo: What’s a roadie?

Mommy: Someone who helps with things like drums, setting them up, taking them down, packing them up and moving them out.

Boo: Someone will have to move my piano too.

Mommy: Right.

Boo: Uncle Clowny is my roadie!

Good thing Uncle Clowny has had some experience as a roadie.

Mommy: Any ideas on what we should call the band?

Boo: Oh yes, Mommy. We are called City Band.

Mommy: Should we get t-shirts made?

Boo: Special costumes first.

We have a name!

I’m interested to see what other songs she wants to add to our repertoire, and what these costumes will be like. This is getting really fun!

Rock on, dudes!

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