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Evil Twin?!

Posted on: July 6, 2010

Every 4th of July weekend, we get together with some of my husband’s friends from college. They’re really a great group of people. Most of them got married young and so they’re kids are older and don’t require as much attention or supervision. Here we are with our little ones. Late bloomers, I guess. 😉

Two of the last three years that we went, the reunion was out of town. It’s nice to get away, but going away with little kids is not a vacation, contrary to what some may tell you.

The first time, we went to Wisconsin Dells. BooBoo was 5 months-old. We didn’t get to spend much time with the group, because she had to nap, nurse, etc. So while my husband was out golfing with the guys, I sat in a hotel room. We stayed at a different hotel than the rest of the group, so most of the time, Boo and I were on our own because I couldn’t find anyone.

The following year, it was local. We went to outings, then always went back to our home. We didn’t miss any naps. Boo was up a little late, and of course she got a little crabby, but it worked out OK.

Last year, the reunion was in Champaign, Ill. I almost packed up the car and drove home that time!

My husband was concerned with over packing, so against my better judgment, I didn’t bring things to keep Boo (as much as possible) in her bedtime routine. Always trust your instincts! Getting her to sleep at night was nearly impossible. She thought it was a big party. One such night I thought my husband would pack up the car and drive home.

Of course, when it’s golf day and my husband takes off for like 6 hours, Boo’s evil twin shows up. Let’s call her DooDoo, because she’s such an unwanted visitor. Bebs was 4 months-old, and I was nursing, trying to keep her on her schedule. It was a challenge. The other moms invited us to go to the pool with them, and by the time Bebs napped and I got all our stuff together, everyone was gone. I didn’t have the car and taking the stroller, 2 kids and bags full of towels, sunscreen and swimmies was not an option.

DooDoo drove me absolutely crazy. She was such a terror – throwing things, hiding the baby’s stuff, tearing pages from books, etc. After Bebs got up from her afternoon nap, we went to the park. DooDoo was running off, wouldn’t listen – do I need to continue?

My patience was shot; I hadn’t slept. She wouldn’t eat or drink anything either, and I was at my wits end. She was out of control. Finally, I called my husband.  It was about 2:30 pm. “Where are you?” I asked. The response, “We’re still golfing. We’re going to the 13th hole.” Excuse me? They’d been gone since early in the morning. I explained the situation. I told him he better get back fast or there might be one less family member when he did return. Ha! I don’t think he understood the severity of the situation. He probably thought I was exaggerating. This had been going on all day. “We’ll be done in an hour or so,” he said. “Uh -uh. It’s like BooBoo has an evil twin! You call this a vacation?

He met us at the park within the hour. Bebs was little and required a lot of attention. Maybe Boo was just jealous. Perhaps we should not have gone. We did survive, though we missed the greater part of the fun due to napping and early bedtimes. What can you do? They will grow up soon enough.

July 4th weekend was again upon us. I wondered, would Boo’s evil twin make an appearance? There are activities planned, but Bebs doesn’t walk yet, doesn’t like to go in the water and wants Mommy all the time. She won’t sleep in her stroller either. I knew Boo would have a great time playing in the water. But then what do I do with Bebs?

The thought of packing everything needed to spend 10 hours from home gave me pause. Also, I didn’t feel well. What would I do with DooDoo? She was bound to rear her ugly head. It was also golf outing day, after all. That spells trouble.

We’d already said we’d go, and did look forward to seeing everyone. So my husband went to golf, and we agreed to meet up with the group later. I thought we’d be ‘safe(r)’ at home.

The day went fine. I had a little time to rest. So after Bebs went for her afternoon nap, I began to gather our things. Boo was brimming with excitement.

Later, we loaded up the car and we were on our way. It should take 45 minutes to get there.

Guess again.


1 Response to "Evil Twin?!"

I love that you call BooBoo, Doodoo! I call London, Lindon when he’s evil twin comes out!! So funny how all moms are alike!

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