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What do you get when you cross a…

Posted on: June 30, 2010

I started this post to read, “What do you get when you cross a 6-1/2 year-old boy, a 3-1/2 year-old girl, a 15 month-old girl and a 49 year-old man?”

Well, I need to amend that.

Make that, “What do you get when you cross a 3-1/2 year-old girl and a 15 month-old girl, with a 49 year-old man, a 6-1/2 year-old boy, a 10 year-old girl and 2 – 8 year-old girls?”

Let’s hide any dangerous objects in my house before we answer that question.

Just kidding.

You won’t believe this!

My brother had hernia surgery the other day, and he and my nephew are staying with us. So add to a busy house with two kids, a very active boy and a patient.

Hey, I volunteered for this gig. I’m not complaining. My brother needs help. He selected a hospital nearby my house, so I could help him out. He should really be in the hospital, but that’s a whole other story.

So let’s see now…we have Big Brother, Big G (my nephew is already 4’5” tall!), BooBoo and Bebs. Oh, did I mention that my parents came over?

The girls absolutely LOVE having their cousin here. They think their uncle is on vacation, since he’s here too. Some vacation when you’re in pain and can’t do much.

In the morning, we learned all about racing – Big G and his dad are really into racing. I learned more than I ever cared to know. I played so many games, I’m all played out. Between games, trips to the hospital, then a race home to get everyone fed, well, I just wanted to plop on the couch.

Thank goodness Big Brother hasn’t lost his sense of humor. His comic relief is really keeping things on a lighter note.

The phone rings. It’s Big Brother. He’s downstairs.

“Hello? Can you come down here and take care of my bar bill? I don’t have any cash on me,” he said. Uh-huh. He’s not much of a drinker and he can’t have any alcohol right now. I asked him if he was calling to place an order. Everyone laughed. He said no, but maybe later.

Later, another phone call. “Can you come down here and help me get up?” So we go. Hey, at least he didn’t ring a bell. Well, I guess he did.

That was Monday.

At 4 am on Tuesday, the phone rang I jumped up, thinking something was wrong somewhere. Why else would someone call in the middle of the night? It was my brother calling from downstairs. “We need to go to the hospital now!” I asked what was wrong. Big G had all the symptoms of croup. He’d had it before, and spent a few days in the hospital with it. So to the ER we go.

A couple of hours, a chest x-ray, a breathing treatment and some meds and it was time to go home. Wait a minute! The sun is up! What’s wrong with this picture?

We arrived back home and Bebs was awake.  Bless his heart, my husband got up with her so I could try to get some sleep. No luck. Nothing he did would satisfy her. She screamed for Mommy over and over.

So I was up for the duration.

Wouldn’t you know, Bebs screamed for most of the next hour. I thought I’d lose it.

Mommy, why are you so mad?” BooBoo asked. Oh boy. “Can I make you not mad?” she added. What a sweetie!

Bebs went for a nap, and then it was time to check on my patients. My brother was settling in for a nap, too. Big G was having no part of the nap. In fact, he got upset every time I suggested he rest. So we played school. That lasted about 45 minutes.

Then I received an email. Shoot me now.

I’d forgotten – I agreed to watch our friend’s 3 girls. They would be over at noon. Fortunately, it would only be 2 hours. I kept telling myself, it is what it is. Hey, I’m the boss! He he he… It will be fine.

The noon hour came, and we had a full house – 6 kids, my brother and me. I thought, “this ought to be interesting.”

We actually had a fun time. The kids played outside, we went for a walk and got some ice cream. The time went very quickly. Soon the girls were gone and it was back to the original group.

No rest time for me! It was almost time to make dinner.

Surprisingly, I survived the day. I thought I might pass out. What was I still doing up? After the kids went to bed, I even got some laundry and finished an article I’ve been working on.

Woo hoo. I survived, but let’s not make this a habit!

Whoever said “woman’s work is never done,” well, I proved it yesterday, and even with sanity intact.

Let me count the ways:

No sleep, a trip to the ER, 3 meals, a couple of snacks, 2 walks, 6 kids, a couple loads of laundry, a run for medicine, playtime outside, clean up, send some emails, work…Phew! Let’s stop here. It’s making me more tired!

Wait – I don’t think I gave you the punch line. Um, I could say one tired woman, but it needs more oomph. I’ll get back to you on that.


(add hoots and fist pumps here)

Wait – did I roar or was that a yawn?

And how was your day?


2 Responses to "What do you get when you cross a…"

This reminds me of that time we had all five kids (9, 10, 12, 17, 19) at home and our niece (20) and nephews (10, 12, 17) slept over! What a crazy night that was! Glad you survived yours! Hope everyone’s feeling better!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

Could this be a rite of passage? Does everyone do this at least once? Perhaps it’s a test. I think we passed!

Take care! Hope to see you here again.


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