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How Do You Get to Heaven?

Posted on: June 25, 2010

It’s been one week since my uncle passed away, and we’re still trying to come to grips with the fact that he’s gone. BooBoo, on the other hand, has lots of questions about what happens when you die. I’m glad – make that relieved – that her comments are not morbid.  She hasn’t asked about seeing him – she seems to accept that he’s gone to live in Heaven.

Of course, we haven’t used the word “die.” She knows that Uncle went to Heaven to live with God, just like her yia yia (grandmother). She had quite a few questions. Luckily, they didn’t require any extensive explanations. Again, I kept it simple and didn’t dwell on anything. I didn’t lie. I believe you go to Heaven, so that’s what I’m telling her. She can learn the rest later when she can grasp the concept.  I don’t want to get into a religious and philosophical conversation now and overwhelm her.

Boo: When you go to Heaven, you aren’t sick anymore, right?

Mommy: Right, Sweetie.

Boo: How do you get to heaven?

Mommy: The angels come and take you there.

Boo: Do you fly?

Mommy: Angels have wings and they fly.

Boo: Cool!

Boo: Will Uncle get wings when he becomes an angel?

Mommy: Yes.

Boo: How long does it take to get your wings?

Mommy: I don’t know.

Boo: Cause you’ve never been to Heaven?

Mommy: Right.

She’s quick.

Boo: Will the angels come to get you someday?

Mommy: Someday when I’m old.

Boo: I hope you won’t be sick.

Mommy: Me too.

Boo: Someday, the angels will come and take me on a trip. Then we’ll fly to Heaven and I’ll get my wings. I’ll get them fast. But not for a long time.

Mommy: No, not for a very long time.

Boo: Do you have to be old and sick or can you just be old?

I paused for a moment…her logic fascinates me. I wanted to tell her that when God decides it’s time, you go, but I didn’t want to complicate things.

Mommy: You’re not always sick, Honey.

Boo: So when I am old, I can get ready for the angels to get me so I can be a happy angel too?

Mommy: When you’re old.

Boo: I didn’t think Uncle was old, but I guess he was pretty old then. He was silly!  He is a silly old man! Ha ha! That’s funny!

Did she inherit Uncle’s sense of humor? I love it!

I wanted to keep it simple.

Mommy: He was older, Honey.

Boo: If he was younger he would have gotten better. When you’re young, you always get better. Maybe he should have been sick when he was younger. OK. Let’s say our prayers.

Love how they rationalize things. If it were only that simple. So we said our prayers and she added something to her final statement.

“…And please watch over Uncle and Yia Yia in Heaven. Amen.”



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