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My Boobies are Growing!!

Posted on: June 10, 2010


Yes, you read correctly. You can always count on BooBoo for some serious comic relief. I about fell over laughing when I heard the words come out of her mouth. I tried hard not to laugh at her, so she didn’t feel bad. I hesitated to share this story, but I thought you’d get a great laugh. Here’s how this went down.

BOO: Hey Mommy, my boobies are growing!

(Pause trying to keep from laughing)

MOM: They are?

BOO: Oh yeah. They’re growing, and they’re going to grow more until I look like a mommy.

Uh-huh. I wasn’t sure where this was going.

MOM: When did this start happening?

BOO: A while ago. They get a little bigger every day. Don’t you know?

MOM: Umm, yes, Sweetie.

I thought I should ask some questions to see what she was thinking.

MOM: Where are your boobies?

BOO: Over here, Mom!

She pointed to the correct place, and looked at me like I was nuts.

MOM: How do you know about boobies?

BOO: Some girls talked about them at school. I asked you before about them and you called them boobies too.

I’d forgotten that conversation. OK, this could be worse. Should I have called them breasts? Some other word? Oh well, no time for this now.

MOM: Do they hurt?

BOO: Oh no.

MOM: Do they feel weird?

BOO: No.

MOM: Does this make you upset?

BOO: No Mommy, but someday I’m gonna need one of those things you wear to hold them up!

I thought I would bust a gut holding in the laughter.

MOM: Do you mean a bra?

BOO: A what?! That’s silly mommy! It’s a thing to hold them up, like yours over there!

And she pointed to mine.

Was I really having this conversation with a 3 year-old?

Honestly, they don’t look any bigger to me, but I went along with it.

MOM: OK, Sweetie. When you’re ready, we’ll get you a bra, but probably not for a few years. They have to get a little bigger yet.

BOO: How long will that take?

MOM: A few years.

BOO: A lot of years?

MOM: Yes.

BOO: So I’m OK for now?

MOM: Of course.

BOO: That’s good. Now can you read me a story?

Out of the mouths of babes, right? I wonder when the booby conversation will come up again, and what it will be that time. I know I don’t want her to feel ashamed about her body or the changes she will someday experience. Hopefully the “true” conversation – with lots of questions – won’t happen for a while. An article at says some girls begin to develop at 7 or 8, while most don’t start until their 13. So I have some time before we’ll really see some changes. Whew.

One thing’s for sure. She does keep me in stitches!

2 Responses to "My Boobies are Growing!!"

sweet little BooBoo 🙂 you’re one of a kind!your mum is so lucky to have you!we never have enough of your funny stories!we love u all :)maria and the family from greece

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read the blog. BooBoo is a neverending source of inspiration and love. Every day is a new adventure with her! Glad you’re enjoying the stories. I’m sure there are a lot more to come. 😉

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