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I Could Die Laughing!

Posted on: May 27, 2010

After my post the other day, I’ve received a few notes about what kids say, in their mispronunciation of words. I could just die laughing! (not a bad way to go…)

I’d thought I’d share a few and give you a chuckle for your day!

The kids at BooBoo’s preschool are getting ready for their end of the year program tomorrow. They’ll recite poems, sing and dance. The 3 year-olds have been working on memorizing and reciting their poems since the end of March. One little boy has a poem, that says phonetically in Greek, “Eimai naftaki…” which means, “I’m a little sailor.” This little boy keeps saying, “Eimai aftaki,” which means, I’m a little ear.”

This one was emailed to me the other day. Love it!

Many Greek Americans speak some “Greeklish,” meaning they have made English words sound Greek and they use them in regular conversation. A 4 year-old boy recently heard his grandfather talk about going to get something from the “besimo,” Greeklish for basement. The little boy promptly said, “Eeeeoooo! What is Papou going to get out of a beesino?” “Beesino” being the Greek word for your rear end.

LMAO! (pun intended)

Another mom wrote to me about the time she told her 3 year-old daughter, “We better plant this louloudi (Greek for flower) in the ground.” They planted the flower, and later, the little girl reported to her father how they spent their day. “Daddy, daddy!” She shouted. “We planted that floozy right in the ground!”


We could go on like this all day, but I’ll share one last one from BooBoo, an infinite source of inspiration. 😉 

Boo has become infatuated with the film “Fiddler on the Roof,” and loves to sing the song, “Matchmaker.” This morning, as we were driving to school she began to sing. “Matchmaker, matchmaker I’ll bring the veil, you bring the broom, summer and pale. Bring me a wing for I’m longing to be the envy in all I see. For Papa, make him a scholah, for Mama, make him witch or a king. For me, well, I wouldn’t fall down if he were as handsome as anything!”

I about pee’d in my pants with that one.

‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy!

Now back to your regularly scheduled day. Enjoy!

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