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I’d Like to Make a Request…

Posted on: May 11, 2010

You’re saying, “Huh?”

 You know how you would request a song from a band, a DJ or even on the radio? Well, BooBoo AND Bebs are requesting songs too!

We get out to the garage, and they make their requests before we even get into the car!

BooBoo started doing this at about 16 months old. I listen to Greek music a lot and one day we were driving home and a song by Peggy Zina called “Tora Ti Kano” (What do I do now?) played. She began singing along with the chorus. It was like, every time Peggy sang the word “kano,” so did BooBoo. After that, every time we got in the car, she’d shout “Kano!” so we would play her song. She then starting learning the words to a song called “Ena” (One) and would request that one too. “Ena” was the first track of the CD of the same name, and “Kano” was #7. (Yes, I still remember…read on). Every trip in the car had a request for, “Ena” and she’d sing along to that song, and then she’d yell, “Kano!”

I’ve mentioned that we went to Greece when BooBoo was 20 months old. My cousin picked us up from the airport and when we got in the car, he turned on the radio. “Kano!” she ordered. He couldn’t believe she knew who Peggy Zina was! We went to a wedding, and when the DJ played “Ena,” she sang along, to everyone’s amazement. Not so much because she’s American, but because she was singing the song.

Fast forward a couple of years and a lot of songs later.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to interview popular Greek singer Elli Kokkinou for The Greek Star and The National Herald. I told BooBoo I was going to interview her and reminded her that she knew some of Elli’s songs. Well, since Mommy got to meet Elli and got a picture taken with her, Elli became BooBoo’s absolute favorite (and still is). At first there were 2 songs she really liked on her “Sto Kokkino” CD: track # 3, called “Bye, Bye, Bye” (no translation needed, ha ha) and “Sorry” (track #7). I know, English words, but the songs were in Greek. So when we get in the car each day, BooBoo yells out her request. Then she calls out the next song she’d like to hear. It is possible that she will request the songs over and over, so we can go from track #3 to track #7 and back. Now she knows all the songs on the CD, and she’ll tell us which one she wants to hear next. I have memorized all the songs on the CD and what track they are so I can be a speedy DJ. 😉 BooBoo will even ask to see Elli’s videos on YouTube.

Bebs had to get into the act too. Months ago, I could hear her humming along to the songs, and even saying “Sorry,” with a Greek accent, as it is in the song. She did it even earlier than BooBoo and it was so cute. In the last few weeks, Bebs has been requesting her song as well. I was putting her in her car seat one morning, and she said, “Sorry!” BooBoo chimed in. “Yeah, Mommy. Play ‘Sorry!’” I wasn’t even in the car yet, girls!

The other day, we were going out for a family outing and were getting in the car. Once in the car, I do my customary roll call, asking BooBoo if everyone’s there and if they have a seat belt. During roll call, Bebs shouted out, “Sorry!” Daddy couldn’t contain the laughter.

I bet Elli Kokkinou never thought she could have fans so young. Maybe we should start a new fan club – “Toddlers and Preschoolers Love Elli!”

I’m not surprised about the singing; my mom said that when I was a baby I hummed all the time. She’d hear humming come from my room and sure enough, I was in the crib singing! She said it was because when she was pregnant with me, she sang and danced to Greek music all the time. Hmmm…I did the same with my girls (they dance too). I think she may have something there!

Research shows that exposing children to music – all types of music (but not too loud) and music education early on, is great for development. Paul Borghese writes about a Brown University study on this topic, and shows how music can help children with concentration, coordination, relaxation and more. Who knew something so fun has so many benefits! The Mozart Effect  discusses “the use of music to enhance quality of life, including health, wellness, education, creativity and emotional expression.” That will give you a start, but just Google “importance of music in child development” and you’ll find a wealth of resources.

OK, let’s all sing now…

“Bye, Bye, Bye!”

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Your daughter sounds adorable! That is amazing that she connected so much to your music. My daughter is 21 months old and she loves singing and dancing videos and we even sing the songs when the video isn’t on. But she doesn’t know any words. But she loves music as well 🙂 But only certain kinds of music. She loves country music, but hates musicals. LOL!

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