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Why Can’t Daddy Come Too?

Posted on: May 6, 2010

Our family is preparing for a trip, as BooBoo’s godmother will soon be getting married. BooBoo is a flower girl, so aside from the typical preparations – dress, headpiece, shoes, socks – we had to make travel plans.

I told BooBoo we’d be going on “the big airplane,” as she calls it. We’ll pack our suitcase, “with my pretty dress?” she asked. Of course. And clothes and things for a few days.

We’ve discussed the events – rehearsal dinner, etc. and what her responsibilities are as a flower girl. She is very excited, and says she will look like I princess. I concur.

Today as we were driving home from school, she asked about the wedding. She asked when we’d practice how she’d walk down the aisle, when we’d pick up her dress, etc. We discussed everything, for maybe the 20th time. She said, I’m gonna be really beautiful.” I said, “So beautiful, Mommy will cry!” “But it won’t be sad Mommy. Why will you cry?” I responded, “Tears of joy,” which she couldn’t comprehend. “Happy tears,” I added. “Too bad Daddy can’t come, so you don’t cry,” she responded.  Well, that came out of left field.

“Why can’t Daddy come too?” she asked. “We’re going on the big airplane, you and me. Will we have a lot of bags!” Could she really be referring to our trip to Greece together, when she was just 20 months old? We went alone, and took way too much luggage. “Daddy’s coming with us,” I told her. “And Bebs too. We’re going all together.”

“All of us together, on the big airplane?” she repeated. “Yes, Honey, all of us together.” It took a minute for her to register it. So I imagine her thought process: we traveled alone by airplane once, Daddy goes on the plane alone for business trips. She was really thinking long and hard on this one. “Daddy can carry the suitcases!” she declared. Then she changed her line of questioning. “So we’ll go to church, and then, is there a party?” she asked. I replied in the affirmative. “Good, because I have a lot of dancing to do. My godmother will be waiting to see my dances!” This is true. Then she asked, “What will Bebs do when I’m dancing?” Good question.

She didn’t say anything more about it until we got home. “I’m glad Daddy can come with us, Mommy. Cause it would be a long time on the plane by ourselves,” she stated. It surely won’t be as long as the flight to Greece. I’m still marveling at her memory. Then she went and pulled out a bracelet one of her cousins gave her while we were in Greece. “Do you think she’ll remember me?” she inquired. I nodded. “Good. And next time we go there, we better take Daddy with too, so I can tell everyone who my Daddy is, and so he can help us with all the suitcases!”

I’ve read that most people can recollect things that happened to them as early as age 3. But 20 months? OK, maybe she heard me talking about it, but poor Daddy. Sounds like she thinks he should come so he can be our very own baggage-handler, and of course, to keep me from shedding my “happy tears.”

2 Responses to "Why Can’t Daddy Come Too?"

wow, that’s incredible if she is really remembering that far back. Kids are smart, they pick up on little things. Have fun at the wedding. Good luck with all the preparations 🙂

Welcome back, Alaina!

It’s pretty amazing. We’ll see if her memory of these events remains so vivid as she gets older.

We’re looking forward to the wedding. Thanks!

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