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Daddy, Why Do You Go Potty Like This?

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Now, I’m sure you have a great visual in your head. Good. It makes the story that much funnier.

BooBoo has occasionally asked why Daddy stands to go potty and we sit. I’ve explained to her that we are made differently. That simple answer seems to work for her 3 year-old brain.

The other night, she was getting ready for her bath. She’d stripped down, and used the toilet prior to entering the tub. Daddy was in charge of her bath that night. She went potty, then got up and stood in front of the toilet. She struck a pose, and uttered, “Daddy, why do you go potty like this?” He sure contained the laughter well. I think he was taken aback by the question, as there she was, naked as a jaybird, standing in front of the toilet, like a boy who was about to pee. “We’re made differently, Sweetie,” he told her. She laughed and went into the bath.

This morning she asked me, “Mommy, why does Daddy stand up to peepee and sit down to poopy?” Oh boy. “Because he’s made differently, Honey,” I say, trying to remain consistent. She actually put her hand on her head and looked rather pensive, as if she was considering the possibilities.

I went to get dressed, when she came into my room and announced, “Do you know how boys go potty? They stand to peepee and sit to poopy. That’s kooky!” evoking the “Kooky” character from Wow Wow Wubbsy, who appears unexpectedly on screen and says, “That’s Kooky!”  She knows I like Kooky. Then she said, “Now you can sing your Kooky song!”

Now that’s Kooky!

5 Responses to "Daddy, Why Do You Go Potty Like This?"

haha love it!! let’s hope she doesn’t try to stand like daddy does….

Hey Marie. Never a dull moment here! We sure had a good laugh too. Take care.

hmm can you tell im reading this at work… i take back the first comment…still enjoy the blog though!!

love your blog! Truly made me smile!

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you could get a chuckle! I’m going to check out your blog too. Have a great day!

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