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A Tooth! Hurray, a Tooth!

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Woo hoo! Who knew a tooth could be so exciting! My younger daughter, who is a week shy of her first birthday, doesn’t have any teeth. I’m amazed that she can eat. She refuses to eat baby food and insists on feeding herself. She likes big chunks of food that she can easily pick up and eat. I don’t know how, but she must have the strongest gums in the world. “Where are your teeth?” I ask her all time, and she giggles. And we giggle as she gums her food like a little old lady who isn’t wearing her dentures.

After experiencing teething for 6 months, my 3 year-old got her first tooth a week before she was 9 months-old. Not even a day later, the second one started popping out. Within in a week, she had two more on top. The rest came out pretty steadily after that. I know you aren’t supposed to compare, but it really started to make me wonder. When will these teeth come in? And as parents, we can’t help but worry. One of my neighbors told me a story about a little kid who didn’t get any teeth, and his parents took him to the dentist when he was 2. They found out there were no baby teeth in his mouth. Yikes! That’s scary. I was being silly – with my visions of this kid in kindergarten with no teeth. I’d remind myself that it would happen, eventually.

For months we’ve experienced bouts of teething – the drooling, the runny nose, the sleepless nights, the misery of it. I’d get excited. “Is there a tooth in there?” I’d try to look in her mouth or touch her gums, and she would go crazy. I’d hope and hope, and nope. She’d suffer with no pay off. Poor kid.

Yesterday, we had one of those days. Nothing was going right for her. She didn’t want to sit, didn’t want to play, nothing. She just wanted Mommy. And we couldn’t even sit down. She wanted me to walk around with her. She was so crabby. She slept a lot too. I thought, this little one just doesn’t feel well. I tried to not get my hopes up, cause I’d always get excited that a tooth was coming, and then, nope, nothing. Nada.

This morning, she went briefly to Daddy, and for some reason, he stuck his finger in her mouth. “A tooth!” he said. I almost flew out of the bed. “Hurray! A tooth!”  I felt it too – that sharp little top part of the tooth was sticking up from the gums. Woo hoo!

I was thinking last night, wouldn’t it be so cool if she had a pearly white to show off at her birthday party this weekend? YES!!!

 So we’re still crabby and out of sorts, but hey, getting a tooth hurts! I remember when my wisdom teeth were coming in, and I’d say to people, gosh, now I know how babies feel! Poor little ones! It will pass in a few days, and she’ll have her first tooth, finally! And then, more than likely, the rest will start to pop out quickly. If they don’t, well, just think how adorable that one little tooth will look when she smiles…even cuter than the toothless grin we’ve been admiring for months now.

 Who knew a tooth could be so exciting. If you hear someone cheering, it’s probably this crazy mom, welcoming her daughter’s first tooth.


2 Responses to "A Tooth! Hurray, a Tooth!"

i love little kids toothy grins when they only have one or two teeth…. its adorable…

Lesamck- It really is adorable. Now when they are old enough to start losing teeth, we’ll get to love those toothless grins all over again! 😉

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