From the Mommy Files…

“You Have a Ballerina in the House!”

Posted on: January 29, 2010

My three-year old daughter began taking dance classes a few months ago. She started in a Dance ‘n Play class. I didn’t know I was going to get a workout too! I had to hula hoop, wave a scarf, shake a toy, jump and run in a circle right along with her. Joy! Just what I wanted. Well, I got a workout every Saturday morning! I killed two birds with one stone! More than that, it was something fun we could do together, without the baby. It made my older daughter feel special to have dedicated Mommy Time again.

She was the oldest in the class, so after a month I asked if she could try the Creative Movement class. This required her to stay in class without me. Sure enough, she did great! I now sit in the lobby, catch up on work, read or at times I’ve written thank you or greeting cards. Might as well be productive! She loved it. I actually kinda missed my little workout…Too bad I still have those little songs stuck in my head! “Five little ducks went out one day…”

For Creative Movement, you have to dress the part, you know. So we had to purchase a leotard, a little skirt, and ballet shoes, of course. Add tights and a ponytail, “like all the ballerinas wear,” my little one assured me, and she’s ready to go. The first day she dressed for her new class, she came down the stairs beaming. “Mommy!” she called. “You have a ballerina in the house!” (Woo hoo! Just what I’ve always wanted!) She came down the stairs, did a little twirl for us and went off to her class. This now happens every Saturday when she gets ready for class.

Now the ballerina is not always present in our house – only on certain days – and they aren’t always the same days. And we are not allowed to sing the songs from dance class because my daughter insists that they are “only for dance class.” Every once and a while we get a show. We get the twirling, the chasse’, the running leaps and more. “I’m a dancer!” she shouts. And she’s so darn cute too. The footboard on her bed is now a ballet barre, and she practices her stretches and poses. “Don’t watch, Mommy!” she tells me.

 My daughter had her first recital just before Christmas. She wore a costume, and she was very excited. She didn’t want to get off the stage! A star is born! I had tears in my eyes, from laughing and cheering, and thinking, that’s my baby! Well, not a baby anymore. She’s the ballerina in the house. Did I mention I’m not allowed to dance anymore in the house, unless she gives me permission first? Ballerinas have their rules you know, and divas want to run the show…even three year-old divas…


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