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Hot (Lunch) Mama

Posted on: January 26, 2010

My 3 year-old started preschool this month. I didn’t realize  just how much I’d have to be involved: parents are required to serve on at least one committee. I’ve been indoctrinated into the society! Since we were coming in at the halfway point, I figured I’d get the job no one wanted. They needed help for hot lunch day. Every Friday, the PTA provides a hot lunch to the kids that stay all day. So, wouldn’t you know it, I’m the Hot (Lunch) Mama. That’s right, I’m hot AND I’m serving lunch! LOL. It was actually kinda fun.

            Another mom gave me the tour of the facility – a full commercial kitchen – with more stuff than we ever had in our small family restaurant. We baked frozen pizza and cut up some cantaloupe. I set up the tables for 30 kids, and then helped plate the food. At noon, we brought out all the plates and served our gourmet fare – hey, it’s gourmet to preschoolers. What kid doesn’t like pizza?

             My daughter doesn’t stay at school all day, so she it was quite a treat for her to get to stay for lunch with the other kids. A little boy sat next to her, and he’s quite the character. So he kept turning around and waving to me, and smirking. As the time went on, he came over and hugged me. “You made a nice lunch,” he said, kinda flirty. Kinda flirty – a 3 year old! Well, he is Greek after all…After a while, I sat down next to my daughter. The young stud had gone to run with the other kids. He came back, put his head on my arm and said, “You’re nice. Will you make lunch again?” If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the little guy was hitting on me. What a little charmer! Look out girls!

             Well, little Casanova is in luck. I’m the Hot (Lunch) Mama every Friday until the end of the year. Well, maybe since he has a little crush, I can get him to stay in his seat and eat all his food. HA! Wishful thinking, I guess! OK I know what you’re thinking – I’m new and this little guy thinks he’s gonna get away with something. I’m onto his game. This is going to be F-U-N! So yeah, uh-huh. I’m a mom, I’m hot and I’m serving hot lunch at school every Friday. I’m a hot mama! And don’t you forget it!

1 Response to "Hot (Lunch) Mama"

Lest you forget–you are MY hot mama. Tell the little dude to back off! Just kidding of course, that is very cute. I hope some day I can come with to help. xoxo Peter

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