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I Also Gave Birth to a New Songwriting Talent…he he

Posted on: January 21, 2010

I tried many times to write songs or poetry, but I never seemed to have the knack. Somehow, after giving birth, I have this new talent as a songwriter. You know what I’m talking about moms. You know, you make up little ditties everyday to entertain your little one(s). You sing about poop, teething, them mashing up their food, all that wonderful stuff. Even fun stuff too!

             Some of my first compositions were food-related. I’d decided that I was going to make food fun – those foods that kids typically hate. I started with green beans. It’s still a winner, even with baby #2. The Greek word for green beans is “fassolakia.” So to the tune of the “Hallelujah Chorus,” I sing “Fa-ssola-kia! Fa-ssola-kia! Fassolakia! Fassolakia! Fasso-la-kia!” This tune also works for the girls’ names too and they love it, still. Next, I tackled peas. There are actually two Greek words that refer to peas – bisellia, and arakas. Don’t know where I got the tune, but in a loud, deep voice, I sing “Beeee-sellia! Bisellia!” then in a softer, higher pitched voice; I chime in, “Arakas! Arakas!” So both kids love their beans and peas.

             The most popular of my tunes would probably make Rick James a bit miffed. I’ve re-written his hit song, “Super Freak.” You’ll love this…


She’s a very stinky girl

The kind only loved by her mother.

She will never let your spirits down

When she flashes her big smile.

She likes her toys in her hand

Don’t you dare try to take them from her.

When I make my move to her room, it’s the right time

I can smell her all the way.

That girl is getting big now

The girl’s a super stink!

The kinda girl you read about in Parents’ Magazine

I’d really like to change her

Cause I can’t stand the stink!

She’s alright, she’s alright.

That girl’s alright with me, yeah.

She’s a Super Stink, Super Stink

She’s super stinky, yow!

             This was a big hit with my older daughter. I started singing it one day to distract her as she wiggled around while I was trying to change a messy diaper. It was an instant hit. I sang it every time, and after a while she started to sing along. Even the “yow!” It was pretty funny! My younger daughter giggles through the entire song.

             These are but a few examples of my new song writing ability. I have a whole new talent I never knew I had before. I don’t think I’m ready to call Burt Bacharach to see if we can collaborate, but hey, it’s good fun. Feel free to borrow my songs. I’m sure you have some fun ones too! Hey, whatever works, right?

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