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Momnastics: Feats of Wonder You Never Knew You Were Capable Of…

Posted on: January 17, 2010

Yes, my friends, you are officially a mom, when without noticing, you begin to perform feats of wonder that you never quite knew you were capable of. Goodness. Maybe we should phone the circus! Just call me the one-armed bandit! Maybe you’re doing some of these things too:

 –          Breastfeeding and going to the potty at the same time: When you gotta go, you gotta go.

 –          Holding a squirmy baby and going to the bathroom at the same time: Sometimes you just can’t put them down or they get into trouble!

 –          Now…taking down your pants to pee and then pulling up your pants while holding the baby: talk about slick moves! Woo hoo!

 –          Holding a baby and lifting your toddler on and off the potty: It’s good family time. Ha!

 –          Removing contact lenses while holding baby: Gotta do what you gotta do.

 –          Brushing teeth while holding baby: See above.

 –          Cooking while holding baby: Sometimes it’s the only way the family will get to eat.

 –          Rocking baby’s chair with foot while doing something else: Multitasking is vital to surviving Momhood.

 –          Balancing baby laying against one leg while changing diaper of the toddler or dressing her: The things we have to do…

 –          Breastfeeding baby and telling bedtime stories to toddler: Multitasking!

 –          Parking the car and then breastfeeding baby in the car in a parking lot: Never thought you’d do this either? Boy, I hope there were no security cameras there, or someone was having a show! I’m still checking YouTube!

 –          Picking up items with your toes: Multitalented, aren’t we? We just need more hands.

 –          Holding a bottle in baby’s mouth while helping toddler with something: I wish I were an octopus.

 –          While pumping, balancing the suction cups of the breast pump on the counter, to free up your hands to perform some other task: Priceless.

 Just think of these times and have a good laugh. You deserve it!

2 Responses to "Momnastics: Feats of Wonder You Never Knew You Were Capable Of…"

I love this list. I have done most of those things. I have cleaned my five year olds room from top to bottom while holding my son, and also done my hair with him in my arms too… not sure how I did that. I think I half balanced him on the sink. Wow, that does not sound safe. 🙂

Mommyinthemountains – Glad you liked the list. We do what we have to do to get things done. I’m sure if we look back, some things will sound unsafe…but we are mommies…superwomen…nothing would have happened to those kids. We’d let ourselves get hurt first. Wow…I think I better go iron my cape…it’s wrinkled…LOL. Stop by and visit again. More to come! Have a great day!!!

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